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Sherell Cummings
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  • Born: 1 February 1991
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Sherell Cummings wasn't always a writer. Born on the island of Trinidad, she grew up reading countless stories that eventually turned into an obsession for storytelling. Reading was the key that unlocked her imagination and after years of pointless jobs sucking the life out of her, she finally put finger to keypad and wrote her first novel. She writes mostly romance, but is capable of anything at this point, and is determined to write a book in every genre. With a husband, daughter and stepson, writing has become a big part of the family package, as she is now known for being stuck in front of her computer for long periods of time. Besides writing she enjoys anything besides being in the sun and living on an island that is practically impossible.

Sherell Cummings Books

You Always Have Me
You Always Have Meby Sherell CummingsPublish: Mar 07, 2018Contemporary Romance
A Smile in a Beautiful Sky
A Smile in a Beautiful Skyby Sherell CummingsPublish: Feb 01, 2017Contemporary Romance
Slick (The Mad World Series Book 1)
Slick (The Mad World Series Book 1)by Sherell CummingsPublish: Jan 06, 2019Series: Mad World SeriesSuspense
The Rise of the Golden Dawn: Rise of the Golden Dawn Series Part One
The Rise of the Golden Dawn: Rise of the Golden Dawn Series Part Oneby Sherell CummingsPublish: Mar 21, 2019Supernatural Suspense Paranormal Romance

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