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Author Aaron Bunce started his academic career in criminal justice, but eventually connected his life-long love of literature with his passion for writing. After finishing his debut novel, Within, he attended Southern New Hampshire University’s English and creative writing program. He released his second novel, Before the Crow, in April 2016, and graduated later that same year with a B.A in Creative Writing, with emphasis on fiction. The third book in his Overthrown series, A March of Woe, will release wide in print and digital formats March 1st, 2018, and is destined to be the most exciting yet.
2018 will also mark the release of his fourth novel, Unleashed, a sci-fi thriller set on a mining station floating in deep space. Aaron prefers darker, grittier stories, detailing the struggle of flawed, relatable characters set against fantastical backdrops. Beyond writing, Aaron is the owner and chief editor of Autumn Arch Publishing. For more information on his fiction, social media, future titles, and author events, visit him online at www.Aaronbunce.com.

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The Winter of Swords: A Grimdark Epic (Overthrown Book 1)

Publish Date: Feb 07, 2019

avg rating4.1 - 28 reviews on Amazon

Aaron Bunce's Books

The Winter of Swords: A Grimdark Epic (Overthrown Book 1)


Publication Date: Feb 07, 2019

4.1 (28 ratings)

The Delving (Overthrown - The Chronicles of Denoril Book 1)


Publication Date: Mar 14, 2019

5 (10 ratings)

A March of Woe: A Grimdark Epic (Overthrown Book 3)


Publication Date: Mar 18, 2019

4.2 (7 ratings)

Before the Crow: A Grimdark Epic (Overthrown Book 2)


Publication Date: Feb 26, 2019

4.5 (14 ratings)

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