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I am as the old saying goes... "Never judge a book by its cover".... unless of course that cover is awesome:) No, in all actuality I have been fortunate enough to be a million different people in my stories and books, and I am grateful everyday that I get to do the thing that I love the most. I am a hopeless romantic at heart and I do believe in happy endings. I also believe that it takes a bit of bad experiences and rough roads to get you there, but in the end I strongly believe it is worth it. I am "THAT" person who does believe that everything happens for a reason:)

Amanda Bennett Books

Misguided Trust (Vol 2) (Misguided Series)
Misguided Trust (Vol 2) (Misguided Series)by Amanda BennettPublish: Apr 29, 2017Erotic Romance
Misguided Heart (Vol 1) (Misguided Series)
Misguided Heart (Vol 1) (Misguided Series)by Amanda BennettPublish: Feb 21, 2013Erotic Romance
Beautifully Broken (Broken Series #1)
Beautifully Broken (Broken Series #1)by Amanda BennettPublish: Oct 14, 2012Series: Broken SeriesContemporary Romance
This Love of Mine (Raine Series #1)
$0.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
This Love of Mine (Raine Series #1)by Amanda BennettPublish: Apr 17, 2013Series: Raine SeriesNew Adult Romance

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