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Ok, this is the bit where I have to sell myself. Why is it so much easier to write about sexy blokes! Anyway.
I am a British author, from the depths of the rural countryside near London. In a previous life, I was an Accountant from the age of twenty-one. I still do that on occasions, but most of my life is now spent intermingling writing while looking after my husband, two children and two cats (probably in the inverse order to the one listed!). When I have some spare time I can also be found writing poetry, baking cakes (and eating them), or behind a camera snapping like a mad paparazzi.
In 2015 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It was also around this time that I became one of the founding members of a dramatic/erotic/dark roleplaying group on Twitter. It was wildly popular with both English and American followers. The writing helped me to overcome my depression by giving me an outlet to channel my thoughts into and not sit around worrying all day about things that would never happen. I took over responsibility for management of the group and responsibility for the development of our storylines. As well as playing at least ten different characters in the group ranging from an innocent virgin, bloodthirsty assassin and even a male lover. The success of the role-play spurred me on to writing novels.
I have a love of travelling and like to bring this to my stories to give them the air of reality. Surrendered Control, my first book released in November 2016, combines two of my favourite travel destinations. India is where I lived for eighteen months with my husband and two children. My young son was only six months old when we travelled there. It was a fabulous time for us all and they learnt so much about the differing cultures, as well as, much to my husband’s chagrin, spending lots of money in the silk shops. The Control series will feature lots of international travel.
I have always been an avid reader. Mainly murder mystery in the past but with Beautiful Bastard I discovered a whole new set of novels and I haven’t looked back since. I like my heroes hot and hunky with a dirty mouth. My heroines demure but with spunk. And my books in a kick arse series.

Anna Edwards Books

Surrendered Control (The Control Series Book 1)
Surrendered Control (The Control Series Book 1)by Anna EdwardsPublish: Nov 01, 2016Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense
Divided Control (The Control Series Book 2)
Divided Control (The Control Series Book 2)by Anna EdwardsPublish: Dec 06, 2016Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense
Controlling Heritage (The Control Series Book 5)
Controlling Heritage (The Control Series Book 5)by Anna EdwardsPublish: Jul 25, 2017Romantic Suspense
25 Days of Christmas: An Author Friends With Benefits Anthology
25 Days of Christmas: An Author Friends With Benefits Anthologyby Hanleigh BradleyPublish: Dec 01, 2017Romantic Suspense

Anna Edwards interview On 01, Aug 2018

"Author Anna Edwards always loved maths as a child, and it just seemed like a natural progression to become an accountant.
Anna has a love of traveling and likes to bring this to her stories to give them the air of reality. Surrendered Control, her first book released in November 2016, combines two of her favorite travel destinations.
Being an author has helped her become more confident.
As someone who loves to travel, Anna has met so many people on her travels and in her life and finds India the best place to travel because she spent so long there with her husband and two children; eighteen months to be precise.
The legacy of Succession was her first experiment with the genre. The author has worked with Charity Hendry and finds it an easy and loving experince.
In 2015, she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. For someone who is currently going through anxiety and depression, Anna advises not to be afraid to seek help. "There is much stigmatism to depression in the UK still, and I had people tell me to pull myself together", she says."
Where is England did you grow up? The British accent can differ even in different parts of London. So how would you describe your accent?

I grew up in Essex, close to the coast in a small village. We moved out of Essex last year for the first time, and I now live in Kent with my husband, two children, three cats, and mother. The British accent is different all over the country. From where I come from we speak very fast, and if you listen to two people from Essex, we can often baffle you with our ability to do so. My accent is soft though and not tinged with the inability to finish words properly as it often the case with the Southern accent.

Why did you go into the accounting world? What jobs did you have in accounting and which was the most fun?

I'd always loved maths as a child, and it just seemed like a natural progression to become an accountant. I spent the first half of my life doing figures, and I'm hoping the second is spent exploring my words. I was an audit senior for most of my career (I stopped working full time at thirty to have my children). I'm not sure accounting would be described as a fun career, but I did have a lot of fun when supervising the audit junior when at clients. I'm a tough but fair boss.

In what ways do you think your depression and anxiety helped you grow as an author? What advice would you give to someone who is currently going through what you did?

I've just written a short story for a mental health anthology that I'm a part of, and it was an utterly therapeutic experience. I put myself on the paper, my experiences and the thoughts that go through my head daily. I love to add an element of me to all my books, whether it be the elements of anxiety, dealing with autism from my son's diagnosis and a holiday experience that I've had. It gives me the ability to create more emotion in the books and draw the readers in.

Advice, don't be afraid to seek help. There is much stigmatism to depression in the UK still, and I had people tell me to pull myself together. I had nothing to be depressed about; they don't know you however, they don't know your mind and how dark a place it can be when you are in that place. Go to the doctors, talk to them. They won't turn you away. They will help.

What sets dark romance apart from other romance genres? When did you first experiment with this genre and what was it that stuck out most to you

Dark romance is set apart because there are no limits (to a certain degree). Readers want to see where your brain can go with the stories you have to tell. They want to emphasize with the suffering of the heroine and hate the hero because he is a bastard generally at the start. Legacy of Succession was my first experiment with the genre, but I've also been a fan of the dark side. I have a love of torture and the macabre. It will develop a lot further during the series with Tainted Reasoning and the heartbreaking, A father's Insistence.

What is the Control series all about? What kind of vibe do you hope to create with your books?

The Control Series is about a group of friends as they struggle with daily life and finding romance when all they want to do is live for the moment and their enjoyment of BDSM. It started with Amy and James in Surrendered Control (now perma free on all platforms), James struggles with a beating that has left him emotionally and physically scarred. He thinks that what he wants sexually is wrong; nobody could enjoy being tied up and spanked, could they? Amy is naive and learning about life; that includes her sexuality.

I'm currently writing the final book in the series, and it's all coming to a head. You don't want to miss it!

The Control series has a suspenseful side, a fun side, and sexy side. It's got a bit of everything for the reader. I particularly like the way the bromance between James and Matthew has developed. It gives you a warm feeling of hope that they will do anything for each other.

What has your experience been working with Charity Hendry? How did you both meet?

Charity and I met on the internet. We are both fans of the TV show Black Sails, and we started chatting over that. We've become the best of friends and strangely have so many things in common despite her living in America and me in England. My family and I have been over to Florida to visit her family, and they returned the visit in March this year. I love working with her; it's so easy because she knows what I want and just does it. We have arguments but then who doesn't. They are quickly resolved, and then we chat about something completely crazy again like sexy footballers.

Are all the books in the Control series connected? Who are your favourite and least favourite characters in this series?

All of the romances in the books are separate, but the series develops as the books go through. There are details in all of the books which point to the principal evil in the final book I'm writing at the moment. Nobody had worked it out yet which I love! My favorite character is Matthew. I adore him; he's sexy as hell, a tough bodyguard and a gentle giant at the same time. I wrote a short of him with a baby just to make my ovaries explode! My least favorite character is Sally Bridgewater; she was a nasty piece of work. I'm so glad I got to kill her in Controlling Heritage.

Who was your inspiration for James North (Surrendered Control) and his sister Sophie North (Controlling Heritage)?

I don't think I really had an inspiration for them. They just came out of my head and developed as I learned more about them while writing. I'm very much a person that allows my characters to talk to me. If they want to do something we investigate it and see whether it can be done. Nine times out of ten it happens!

Have you ever edited out a character or a scene from one of your books? How do you know what stories should stay and what should remain out?

The scene in which James meets Amy for the first time after their encounter in Lanzarote was completely different and a lot darker at the start. I was advised to adjust it and did so not knowing how dark the market can be out there yet. I was new writing and listened to those that knew better than me. I plan to re-re-write that scene again one day and will maybe publish it in a newsletter exclusive.

When it comes to my stories, I'm very much a planner. I need to be because the stories come so quickly to my imagination if I don't write them down I'll be in a massive mess of plot lines. I've never discarded any ideas yet. I file them in the ''to explore at a later date' pile.

What are some new things you're trying out with the Glacial Blood series? How long did "The Touch of Snow" take to write?

Glacial blood is an entirely different direction for me. It's less erotic and more suspense based. There's still sex in it but more vanilla than BDSM. It's also shifters. I've never been a massive paranormal fan, but I had this idea come to me in a dream, and I just had to follow it; thus the Glacial Blood series was developed, and I'll be releasing the fourth book at the end of July.

The Touch of Snow actually took two weeks to write. It just flowed. I had a couple of 10K days during it because I loved the story so much!

What do your female leads in this series - Teagan Holland, Emma Bryant, and Selene Harper - all have in common? What does this say about you and your own character?

The female characters may start out weak but end up finishing the books stronger than the men. They've suffered through learning who they are, prejudice because of their differences or merely because they are the victim of nasty lies. But they don't shrivel up and let the world walk all over them. No, they grab it by the balls and say enough, I will survive. I think this is most evident in Selene's story. Brayden is on the edge of death, and she's terrified because she can't find the ability to control her powers. She realizes that the love she holds for Brayden is the key though and 'bam,' she becomes one tough ass bitch who you don't want to mess with! I think this shows my tough streak. I've had issues in my life, but I've overcome them and am a lot stronger on the other side. I've not allowed a poor hand in life to leave me a bitter and wither shell of a person with a self-important attitude like it could have done.

As someone that loves to travel, what is the best place you've visited so far? Is there somewhere you really want to visit but haven't had the chance to yet?

Every time I'm asked this I will say India because I spent so long there. It's not easy to move halfway around the work for your husband's work with a two and six-month-old, but it was an experience that as a family we will never forget. We have so many memories and photos of the time that nobody can ever take away. I saw how other people live, I went to my husband's colleagues houses and saw what a regular tourist doesn't. I experienced proper India culture, and I'm so grateful I was able to have that experience.

I've always wanted to go to Salam in America. I studied The Crucible by Arthur Miller at A-level, and I've been fascinated by it and the story of Salam ever since. I don't know if I was an 'accused' from there in a past life, but I have a definite affinity with anything about it.

Who are some people you've met on your travels and have they inspired any books or characters?

Wow, I've met so many people on my travels and in my life. I'd like to think I place a little nod to them in my books whether they be a good or evil character. It's the people that yo meet that help shape the person that you are. Some make you stronger because of the adversity you have to face in knowing them and others make you content because they give you hope and joy. I think all of my characters have something like that in them.

How has the idea of being a writer changed for you over the years? Is there anything you wish you could take back and change?

I hadn't realized the amount of work an Indie author has to do. I thought you just sat and wrote books all day, but there is so much what I deem, 'admin.' I enjoy that side of it though. I'm a timid person, and it's helped my confidence.

I've had good and bad experiences during my time as an author, but I wouldn't change anything. It's made me the person I am today, and if something or someone has upset me, I can grotesquely murder them in my books. LOL.

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