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Carl Strom
Carl Strom
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To learn more about Carl Strom, visit his website and blog at www.authorcarlstrom.com, hit him up on www.facebook.com/Carl-Strom-160538677977873, or follow him on Twitter @authorcarlstrom.

Carl reckons that the seed for his storytelling ambitions was sown when he was a kid. The classic tale: schoolteacher puts student on the spot by making him read his writing aloud. Other interests would emerge during summer breaks, when he would design tree houses and project manage their construction.

Carl grew up in various countries, returning to the UK as a teen to study architecture at university in Bristol - the hometown of world-renowned graffiti artist Banksy. Carl became an award-winner within the field of architecture, and a literary giant person, standing just under two meters tall (roughly six feet, seven inches)--his books are for others to judge.

While writing his Urban Design Master's Thesis in London on crime prevention, he befriended a police officer. Despite his best efforts, he wasn't able to glean the kind of knowledge that could be used for a novel. Turns out that "Designing Out Crime" Police Officers know far more about residential layouts - oddly enough - than juicy murder investigations.

Carl currently lives in Sweden, where he works as a creative tech expert in urban planning, in addition to being an entrepreneur. He promises to keep the words coming on a regular basis.

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24 Hours: An addictive mystery thriller (PIs Brunner & Lakin Series Book 1)

Publish Date: Jun 17, 2018

avg rating4.3 - 16 reviews on Amazon

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24 Hours: An addictive mystery thriller (PIs Brunner & Lakin Series Book 1)

24 Hours: An addictive mystery thriller (PIs Brunner & Lakin Series Book 1)


Publication Date: Jun 17, 2018

4.3 (16 ratings)

Unforeseen Enemy: A Thriller Novel


Publication Date: Jun 23, 2018

5 (8 ratings)

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