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Kim Carter Mysteries
Kim Carter Mysteries

Kim Carter is an Award-winning writer and author of mystery, suspense, and thriller books. Her new series titled, 'The Clara and Iris Mystery' is now available on Amazon.

Kim and her husband have raised three successful grown children. As empty nesters, they spend their time with their three retired greyhounds. She is a college graduate of Saint Leo University, has a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Sociology, and now has become a career writer and author.

One of her favorite things about writing is the traveling and research required to bring all her novels to life. Her research has taken her to places such as morgues, death row, and midnight cemetery visits.

Learn more about Kim by visiting her New Official Author Website - https://www.kimcarterauthor.com

Kim Carter Mysteries Books

Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle
$2.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
Sweet Dreams, Baby Belleby Kim CarterPublish: Jul 18, 2017Crime Fiction Historical Mysteries Suspense Mysteries
Murder Among The Tombstones ~ A Clara and Iris Mystery
$2.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
Murder Among The Tombstones ~ A Clara and Iris Mysteryby Kim CarterPublish: Aug 08, 2017Historical Mysteries Thrillers Suspense Mysteries
$2.99kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback, Signed Paperback,
And The Forecast Called For Rainby Kim CarterPublish: Jan 09, 2018Thrillers Suspense Mysteries
$2.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
DEADLY ODDSby Kim CarterPublish: Jan 03, 2018Crime Fiction Thrillers Suspense Mysteries

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