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Argyro Graphy
Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
From a young age, she envisioned herself involved in children's books from an "artistic" side, not the "writing" since she loved drawing.

Excelling in all levels of management in Big Box Chains, it was not enough. Over the years she continued to witness more and more children feeling a sense of entitlement and values such as kindness and respect were ignored.

Writing "The Adventures of Bentley Hippo, was her way of standing up and saying enough is enough. She created a mascot for positivity, and kindness Bentley is a hippo who has a mission to inspire children to do better and to be good to one another, regardless of size, color, shape, gender, or religion. Bentley is Graphy's inner voice and her goal is to build him to become recognized as the face of change who made a difference in all of us and in the world

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$3.59 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Adventures of Bentley Hippo:: Inspiring Children to be Kindby Argyro GraphyPublish: Feb 07, 2020Children's
The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to Share
$3.59 kindleeBook,
The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to Shareby Argyro GraphyPublish: Sep 27, 2019Children's
The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to Share (GREEK) (Greek Edition)

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