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Bill DeBarba is a serial entrepreneur. He began the classic "back bedroom office" business, developing custom software for local companies. His company, BusinessWare Services, Inc. (BWSI), grew until he had a staff developing products and providing services to a base of loyal customers around the country.

In his 40 years of ownership and management, he achieved a great deal of success. One measure of that success is the fact that never in 40 years did any customers resort to legal action to resolve issues. He learned how to recognize problems from the other's point of view. And he shared that knowledge in his book entitled The Process of Living. This publication explains how to manage the concepts of acknowledging thoughts, understanding feelings, and taking actions. By effectively applying these functions in responding to difficult issues, he found the most efficient way to simply solve problems.

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The Process of Living: Make Your Dreams Become Your Realityby Bill DeBarbaPublish: Nov 21, 2019Religion & Spirituality

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