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"Award winning author, C. W. Lovatt, is the creator of the critically acclaimed Josiah Stubb, along with the best selling Charlie Smithers collection. Adventures Downunder is the third book in this series."

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Charlie Smithers: Adventures Downunder
And Then It Rained
$3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
And Then It Rainedby ChuckLiterary Fiction
Charlie Smithers: Adventures in India
$4.23 kindleeBook,
Charlie Smithers: Adventures in India by ChuckSeries: The Charlie Smithers Collection
The Adventures of Charlie Smithers
$3.99 kindleeBook,
The Adventures of Charlie Smithersby ChuckSeries: The Charlie Smithers Collection

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  • The Charlie Smithers Collection

    The Adventures of Charlie Smithers - Published on Nov, -0001

Chuck interview On 04, Mar 2016

"Please welcome Award winning author C. W. Lovatt and creator of the critically acclaimed Josiah Stubb. He has been writing off and on for thirty-five years, but seriously only for the last ten when he met someone.
To know more about him and his writing, please read full interview."
Short bio or SYNOPSIS here on writing as your passion.

I was born and raised on the Canadian prairies (yes, it does get cold up here some days) and continue to live here today. It's a quiet life, conducive to reading, and a soaring imagination, which suits me to a tee. At some point that passion for the written word transformed into a passion for writing them. But let's be clear: it is a passion. Sometimes people don't understand how deeply it cuts when they refer to it as a hobby.

How long have you been writing and what inspired you to do it seriously?

I've been writing off and on for thirty-five years, but seriously only for the last ten when I met someone I respected who offered encouragement. Sometimes that's all that it takes.

When choosing a name for your characters, what do you consider about them that determines what you finally call them?

For both of my main characters, Charlie Smithers and Josiah Stubb, I wanted names that reflected their humble origins. In Josiah's case, I also wanted a name that reflected the period - names from the Old Testament being quite common at the time. For characters of a different race, I'll compile a list, usually taken from Google, and do what I do with all my other characters' names: pick the one that feels right.

Did you have a collection in mind when you were writing them?

With Josiah Stubb, yes. It's a story based on the struggle for North America during The Seven Years War, and I knew that I wanted to start with where the downfall of New France began, at the siege of Louisbourg, with the conclusion where it effectively ended, with the fall of Quebec. With Charlie Smithers, I'll say a cautious 'perhaps,' but it was more a case of acknowledging the possibility than a definite plan. It only became more concrete once the first book was accepted for publication, and was well-received.

How did you choose which stories to include and in what order?

Who knows. That's a mystery even to me. I started writing the second book of the Josiah Stubb trilogy over two years ago. I knew it was going to be a good book, I mean I could feel it, with all sorts of great scenes and characters in mind, and was really excited to get at it. But then along comes Adventures Downunder, the next book in the Charlie Smithers series, and just bumps it aside without so much as an if-you-please. The muse works like that sometimes. It doesn't bother to explain, it just comes stomping into the room and takes charge.

Do you have a “reader” in mind when you write stories?

No. Just myself. I write to please me.

What do you do to get book reviews? what is the best review you ever got?

A few weeks before a book is to be released, I'll put out a call for reviews, with my publisher supplying free e-copies for the purpose. The best review I ever got wasn't really a 'review' at all. Before I go on, I should mention that my writing style for the Charlie Smithers books was inspired by the late, great George MacDonald Fraser and his Flashman books. One day a fan sent a message on one of my author pages, stating that he'd read a good many writers of that aspired to that particular style, and he considered mine to be the best. I can't think of any higher praise.

What does the word “story” mean to you?

It conjures a memory of sitting at my father's knee, listening, rapt with attention, while he wove a tale of his youth. He was a great storyteller, using his pipe as a prop, pausing to light it whenever the tension was at its highest, thereby increasing it tenfold. That's a lesson I've never forgotten.

What are you working on now?

I just sent off a collection of short stories and novellas to my publisher, which should be released later this year. As soon as I can clear a few more things from my desk, I'll be re-opening that file for the second book of Josiah Stubb. A writers' life can be so hectic that, if something ever gets set aside, it can be a struggle to get back to it again.

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?

Each book seems to have a different structure, but I usually do my writing for a few hours in the evening, with the mornings set aside for correspondence and promotion.

How do you promote your work? How Quotesrain help you in your book promotions and sales, would you like to refer this platform to your author friends?

My publisher does most of my promoting, but I do my best to lend a hand. However, what, with everything else on my plate, there often just isn't time. Quotesrain is invaluable for stepping up to fill in the gap.

Would you like to share something with your readers and fan?

Yes: thank you all so very much for buying my books, but if you enjoy them, please take a few minutes to leave reviews, even if it's nothing more than a few words. They're so very important, both at the place of purchase and Goodreads.

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