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Clay Anderson
Clay Anderson

Clay is husband to Karen, and father to 2+2: two boys and two girls.

"Since becoming a dad, I've found myself enchanted by children's picture books--they're charming, whimsical, heartfelt, funny, artful, poignant. They capture my children's imagination and wonder, and they reignite my own. So I decided to start writing books for my kids."

Clay was raised in the Chicago suburbs, and his roots there are deep; he recently moved his family into the same house where he grew up. His day job is in website development, but he has worked with children and youth for more than twenty years.

"Writing brings together two things that give me incredible joy: working with kids, and creating something new."

Clay Anderson Books

Me, G, and the Locust Tree (A Father & Son Story)
Me, G, and the Locust Tree (A Father & Son Story)by Clay AndersonPublish: Jan 14, 2019Children's

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