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I've always loved books, I have a closet full of them, but I wanted to write one some day. After a career in journalism, life took me in a different direction as owner of my family's wedding flower business.

But a few years ago, I had that yearning again to write. I had plenty of material from life experiences. I had met many "characters". The Lily List Mystery Series was born. My character's wedding stories are based on actual events from my years in the business. I hope my readers take away a few tears and even more laughs.

When I'm not reading, writing, or working with flowers, I love the theatre, sports and our many great Kansas City restaurants. My family is very important, and we stay in touch despite everyone living everywhere. I love to travel and Walt Disney World and a little island in Florida are two of my favorite vacation locations.

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The Hibiscus Heist: A Lily List Mystery (Lily List Mysteries Book 2)by C L BauerPublish: Sep 30, 2019Series: Lily List Mysteries
The Poppy Drop: A Lily List Mystery (Lily List Mysteries) (Volume 1)
The Tulip Terror: A Lily List Cozy Mystery (Lily List Mysteries Book 3)
$4.99kindle Free with KUeBook,

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