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Esteban Corio is a Sales executive, with distinguished experience in managing organizations, channel sales divisions and sales teams in international and world class corporations. With tested skills in Change management, Finnantial Acumen, Organizational development, Focus on results and Business unit management.
Recently he has also developed advanced skills in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business Development.
He accounts with more than 25 years of business and managing experience in large information technology corporations such as NEC Corporation , Compaq Computer , NCR Corporaton, Samsung Electronics , Intel and HP before joining International Game Technology on March, 2011 as Sales Director for the Southern Region of Latin America. Currently he held the position of VP of Business Development for a large group in Argentina.
He also has managed the argentine chapter of FUNDES, a regional NGO devoted to promote the sustainable development of Small and Medium Enterprises and co-founder of Equitas, an investment fund whose target is investing in start-ups with triple bottom line business plans.
His fields of specializations are Information Technology applied to business, organizational structure, business plans, direct and indirect sales networks, Corporate Social Responsibility in the value chain and agribusiness.
Esteban has studies of electronic engineering, a post graduation in food and agribusiness and assisted to several trainings in business management , information technology and Corporate Social Responsibility.

His interest for latest developments in sciences like as Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics and Archeology, and his passion for Science Fiction specially related with Aliens, Ancient aliens, Space exploration and Time Travel are all reflected in his first novel: "Mars. The mother country".

His former and first book "El Bien Hacer", published by KDP in 2019, contains reflexions about many life experiences as it is intented to help teens and young adults in their first steps of employment and life planning.

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MARS The mother countryby Esteban CorioPublish: Jul 22, 2020Science Fiction
Marte: La madre patria (Spanish Edition)
$3.99 kindleeBook,
Marte: La madre patria (Spanish Edition)by Esteban CorioPublish: Jul 12, 2020Science Fiction

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