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Cheryl can be a social butterfly, comfortable in crowds with years of customer relations experience but the truth is she likes nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a soft fuzzy blanket. When she is not reading, she writes or plays games on her computer. Cheryl grew up surrounded by a wonderfully large family in the small mining town of Cecil, in southwestern Pennsylvania.

She considers her husband, Ed, her biggest supporter and her own personal art slave, though she has been known to share him for commissions from her fellow authors. She admits she couldn't have done this without him. His input and artwork adds so much more to the entire world of Sollus which the two of them developed together.

Cheryl has a wonderfully independent daughter, Cheyene and a respectable young son with a style all his own, Connor. Cheryl has also been blessed with a very energetic and entertaining grandchild, Felix.

While writing is Cheryl’s creative outlet, she also has a strong affinity for making chain-mail jewelry, natural soaps, and floral design, about which her husband may have something to say. Cheryl currently resides near the historical district of Deutsch Town on the North Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Cheryl Suchacek Books

Strands of Sollus: Rewovenby Cheryl SuchacekPublish: Aug 11, 2019Series: Strands of SollusFantasy
Sollus: Compendium One
Sollus: Compendium Oneby Cheryl SuchacekPublish: Sep 02, 2019Fantasy

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    • AllAuthor AllAuthor 6 months ago
    • Have you ever incorporated something that happened to you in real life into your novels?
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      • Cheryl Suchacek Cheryl Suchacek 6 months ago
      • Yes, I have. I think most, if not all, writers incorporate incidents, places and even personality traits based on what they themselves have experience with. I write fantasy, in a world that my husband and I created but even so there has to be some reality that you as a reader can hold onto and relate with. I don't feel that I could effectively do that without relying on things that I have experienced in some manner. So how can you make a believable character in any type of relationship unless you yourself have experienced something if not identical than at least close enough that the emotions and intent come through? A writer's heart, hope and experiences are in those pages or at least it should be.

        My goal as a writer is to make you feel something, not for me personally but for the characters that reside within those pages. See how they cope with situations that we, as authors put them through. A good book to me is like a movie in your mind's eye. This is what I hope you find when you read my work.
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