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Danielle Grant
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    Contemporary Romance Romance Women's Fiction African American Interest
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Danielle Grant was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She loves to read romance novels, urban fiction, and mystery stories. Ever since she was younger she's been told that she should write her own book. It wasn't until she was connected to Facebook interacting in reading groups were many would encourage her to move forward with her writing. With that she would start on writing her first full novel Between Love & Justice.

Danielle Grant's Full Novels

Between Love & Justice
Between Love & Dishonor
Altar'd: A Kalil And Chanae Between Love Novel
The Williams Boys: A Zahyir And Qadir Between Love Novel
Williams Clan: Us Against The World
Amour: Surreptitious Lovers
Mama Didn't Raise Me
Made For Me: Darnell And Lorrisa Story
His Queen: Royal Amante
Her King: Royal Amante
Ambitious: Love & Hustle
Ambitious: Love & Forgiveness
Ambitious: Love & Triumph
Ambitious: Love & Family NYE Novella
Wherever Love Takes Me
Pretty Assassin: The Beauty Mark

Danielle Grant's Books

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A Bond So Hood: New Year's Eve & Valentine's Day Edition
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
A Bond So Hood: An Addictive Kind Of Love
$3.32 kindleeBook,
A Bond So Hood: An Addictive Kind Of Loveby Danni GPublish: Oct 23, 2019
A Bond So Hood: Christmas Edition
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
A Bond So Hood: Christmas Editionby Danni GPublish: Nov 13, 2019
Love Between The Years: A Between Love Novel
$3.25 kindleeBook,
Love Between The Years: A Between Love Novelby Danni GPublish: Feb 25, 2020

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