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David Disspain

David Disspain

David Disspain is an author and creator of Sci-Fi, Kung-Fu, Superhero Fairy Tales originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but now lives in the Washington D.C. area. He is a lifelong Phoenix Suns fan, an 80's music aficionado, loves Wuxia and Martial Arts films, and is a comic book and geek culture junkie.

He has written stories for several graphic novel anthologies including "Harbinger" inside the pages of "Twist in the Night: A Horror Anthology" and "The Unusual Labor of Gus McCray" inside the anthology "Ignition" by 215 Ink.

His newest effort is the children's book "Mallory Brown at Super Fun Town".

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Mallory Brown at Super Fun Town
$8.39 kindleeBook,
Mallory Brown at Super Fun Townby David DisspainPublish: Oct 01, 2017Children's
Ignitionby 215 InkPublish: Apr 09, 2013Science Fiction Fantasy Horror Teen & Young Adult
Twist in the Night
Twist in the Nightby Torn ComicsPublish: Jul 17, 2009Thrillers Supernatural Suspense Horror

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