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Dr. Otis Terrell Williams Sr. Th.D
Dr. Otis Terrell Williams Sr. Th.D
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Born in Brookhaven, MS now a citizen of Jackson, MS. Graduated from Brookhaven High School.
I am a 5X published author with 25 years working as a civil engineer technician. I served a 9 years military stint at Hood Texas with the 1st Calvary Division. I left the military at the pay grade of E-6.

I was a single parent with three kids for 13 years after my wife and their mother died from complications of Lupus. It was a very humbling experience.

My books are not the standard run of the mill Christians book. However, they give a unique expression as to what the original writers of the bible were saying.

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Go To Hell. . .Really?

Genre: Religion & Spirituality

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Go To Hell. . .Really?

Go To Hell. . .Really?


Religion & Spirituality

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