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Cheryl Matthynssens was born in Upland, California, holds a teaching degree and is a licensed addictions counselor. This has allowed her to interview hundreds of personalities over her career. She loves that everyone is unique and this appreciation and interest has informed and inspired her writing.

Matthynssens enjoys the universe of fantasy for the way it connects to the mind’s creativity and imagination as a colorful escape to distant lands of mystical beasts and fantastic quests where the hero really does save the day. As she’s matured artistically, Matthynssens has found writing to be a comforting counterbalance to a world where beloved characters don’t always get back up after they fall down.

Matthynssens currently lives in Wenatchee, Washington, and has four beautiful children and five wonderful grandchildren

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Pseudo-Dragon (The Blue Dragon's Geas, #4)

Publish Date: Jan 24, 2016

Genre: Fantasy

avg rating4.8 - 69 reviews on Amazon

Cheryl Matthynssens's Books

Pseudo-Dragon (The Blue Dragon's Geas, #4)


Publication Date: Jan 24, 2016


4.8 (69 ratings)

Once Upon a... Wait!


Publication Date: Nov 06, 2014

4.5 (9 ratings)

Worlds of Fantasy: Volume One


Publication Date: Aug 30, 2017

5 (1 ratings)

How the Dragons Got Their Colors


Publication Date: Apr 18, 2013

4.5 (22 ratings)

If I told you...: Would you listen? A Cancer Fighter's Journey.


Publication Date: Jan 02, 2019

Outcast (The Blue Dragon's Geas Book 1)


Publication Date: Nov 20, 2013

4.2 (134 ratings)

Not an Egg!


Publication Date: Jan 12, 2014

4.8 (8 ratings)

The Blackguard (The Blue Dragon's Geas Book 2)

The Blackguard (The Blue Dragon's Geas Book 2)


Publication Date: Apr 27, 2014

4.5 (99 ratings)

Cheryl Matthynssens Interview

  • On 22, 06 2016

    Cheryl Matthynssens interview

    Cheryl Matthynssens is a writer, a reader, a dreamer, a loving grand-mother and a survivor. She not only battled with cancer but her own inner demons that threatened to drown her voice and dared to make her dreams come true at the age when most people are giving up on them. Completely invested in her stories and characters, she shines through as emotional, understanding,... read full interview

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