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Emily McConville
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Hi, I'm from QLD, Australia. I'm a stay at home Mum to 3 beautiful kids and I love reading and writing! I started my book 'Redemption' as an idea (based on a true story), and three years later, it's now a dream come true!

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Publish Date: Nov 01, 2018

Genre: Dark Romance & Erotica, Teen & Young Adult

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Publication Date: Nov 01, 2018

Dark Romance & Erotica, Teen & Young Adult

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      • emilymcconville 2 months Post AdminAuthor
      • I have been writing for nearly three years now. What inspired me to write was my own experiences in a domestic violence relationship, what life was like after it and how I met a charming man, who, out of nowhere, was struck with a severe psychosis. I want to share a fraction of my experiences and the destruction these situations can cause. The warning signs that you don't take notice of, but understand when its too late. I want to share some of my story, so hopefully I can inspire people to remain strong, to see signs, to understand what it really is like on the other side of the door, and to also understand that abusers are that way for a reason. They suffer their own mental illnesses too.
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