Kill tension before tensions kill you, reach your goal before goal kicks you, live life before life leaves you.

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E.S. Mercer is a self-published novelist who focuses on the Fantasy Fiction and Science Fiction genres. She is also a poet who has been published in collegiate journals such as the Appalachian Collegiate Literary Journal and the Davis and Elkins College Literary Journal, The Aurora.

She is a veteran of the United states Air Force, a former television, and radio broadcaster for Air Force News and news reporter for The Intermountain, a newspaper based out of Elkins, WV.

E.S. suffers from PTSD due to sexual assault and abuse and does whatever she can to use her suffering as a tool to create strong female characters who can become something greater than she herself could ever imagine. Her characters rely on their own strength, and wit to get them through.

The "strong female lead" is a common thread that connects all her works. The stories may not be connected, but the soul of the characters in all her stories are similar enough for you to feel a connection between them.

E.S. Mercer 's unique writing style has developed into something that is meant to draw each reader into the story, so much so, that they are unable to detach themselves from the characters, even after the story has concluded.

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When We Were Mortals

Publish Date: Sep 16, 2017

Genre: Fantasy

avg rating 4.46 reviews on Amazon

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When We Were Mortals

When We Were Mortals


Publication Date: Sep 16, 2017


4.4 (6 ratings)

E.S. MERCER Interview

  • On 20, 03 2019

    E.S. MERCER interview

    E.S. Mercer spent most of her childhood between her hometown of Medford, MA and N.H., and Vermont. Her father was in the Air Force and she comes from a large military family. Her fondest childhood memory would have to be writing poetry in the woods, sitting next to a waterfall in Westminster Station, VT. Both Fantasy/Science fiction is her favorite genres to read.... read full interview

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