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The Biography of Torrey Holloway, Author

Torrey Holloway, an author from the mean streets of St Petersburg. In this urban neighborhood, Torrey was creative as a child which continued through is adulthood to make money to help himself as well as his siblings. With the mindset of hard work, staying focused and have a strong mentality; through, socializing but not drinking alcoholic beverage, Torrey learned how to adapt to the street life of St Petersburg through the life of family and friends within his community. As a single parent, his son he is raising currently, is his pride and joy: providing support and guidance to this date. As a single parent, he continues to inspire his son to play athletics (football), Torrey’s always at his son’s games and guiding him to the importance of discipline. Torrey’s creative mind lead him to many opportunities to earn salaries through his journey to support himself and his son. From the early days of writing music, producing his own sounds, being a battle rapper throughout the State of Florida, known heavily in the Miami, Tallahassee and Jacksonville metropolitan areas and wrote the script for “Fast Cash – Money Makes Change, the movie”, he felt the obligation to begin documenting urban experiences and foster communications relating to African American cultural experiences in the form of authoring books.

Torrey began authoring books in early 2000 with this first book “Fast Cash – Money Makes Change” was published in 2011. As the books sales surged (over 300,000 since inception) and popularity of his first book, gave him the ambition and enthusiasm to continue to become an author. Additionally, Torrey has since wrote other books:

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(2) $4 kindle Free with KUeBook,
MY CIRCLE: APOCALYPSE IN THE HOODby Torrey HollowayPublish: Jan 25, 2020Crime Fiction Thrillers Suspense Mysteries Action & Adventure
Fast Cash: Money Make Changes
(4) $7 kindleeBook,
Fast Cash: Money Make Changesby Torrey HollowayPublish: Sep 29, 2018Crime Fiction Suspense
(3) $4 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Fast Cash: MONEY MAKES CHANGESby Torrey HollowayPublish: Mar 02, 2019Crime Fiction Suspense Action & Adventure
Pull It: Pull It C.J. story (Trilogy to Enclose Management Book 3)
(2) $5 kindleeBook,
Pull It: Pull It C.J. story (Trilogy to Enclose Management Book 3)by Torrey HollowayPublish: Oct 11, 2018Series: Enclose Management trilogyThrillers Suspense Action & Adventure

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  • Enclose Management trilogy

    Pull It: Pull It C.J. story (Trilogy to Enclose Management Book 3) - Published on Oct, 2018

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