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I love reading, writing, painting, yoga, walking in the woods, and spending time at the beach. Family and friends are #1 and life is fantastic. My first career as a mental health practitioner has been a dream come true, but I am loving my new ventures as a new author and visual artist. Sharing my love and appreciation of working with our chakras is a true blessing. Peace!

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Finding Balance and Forgiveness through Chakras and Art
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Finding Balance and Forgiveness through Chakras and Artby Teresa McCallumPublish: Feb 07, 2018Religion & Spirituality

Teresa McCallum interview On 25, Jul 2018

"Teresa McCallum is an author, a mental health practitioner and a visual artist. Inspired by the Chakra System, Teresa wrote her first book, "Finding Balance and Forgiveness through Chakras and Arts". Apart from her passion for writing novels, Teresa loves painting, walking, writing, traveling, and visiting with friends and family.
After her first novel received a lot of love from her readers and even became the #1 Amazon Bestseller, she is now working on her next novel, "Finding Balance Chakra Oracle Cards and Guidebook".
The religion and spiritual writer hopes that one day, mental illness will be viewed no differently than any illness."
Where do you live? Which is your favorite spot in the city?

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My two favourite spots are tied: the woods near my home in SW Calgary and downtown near the river. I love walking in the woods and near the river. I love all the great dining spots in downtown Calgary as well.

What are your favorite pastimes?

Painting, walking, writing, travelling, and visiting with friends and family!

What is the one rule or mantra of life that you swear by?

Be truthful…to yourself and others.

Do you have any pets? Which ones?

Our golden retriever, Luna, is rather spoiled but she is very much a part of our family. This is our 4th golden retriever and they have all been special. Luna is a fantastic walking buddy.

Which is your favorite beach in the world and why?

Gosh, that’s tough. I love beaches. I’m a gal from the coast and we spend a lot of time in Maui, but I think I have to say Dundarave Beach in West Vancouver, where I was raised and where my mom grew up is my favourite place in the world.

You have been a mental health practitioner. How has your profession inspired you to write?

The work I do influenced my chakra practice and the many clients I have worked with over the years provided much of the inspiration for my stories. I have been lucky to work in such an interesting and humbling environment and the resilience of my patients had a big impact on how I’ve lived my life and the decisions I’ve made.

Apart from being an author, you are also a visual artist. What kind of art are you into?

I hate to admit it but I have a very short attention span. I’m interested in so many things and don’t like to settle into one project... so my art reflects that characteristic. I have about 4 different styles. I have painted local trees for many years, but I’m now driven to paint abstracts and more contemporary work. I’m inspired by Van Gogh, Emily Carr, and a wee bit of Dr. Seuss!

Give the readers a brief about the chakras and the concept of it.

The chakra system originated in Ancient India and is quite complicated and likely misunderstood, as all true information is written in the ancient Sanskrit language, which very few are able to decipher. Chakras, within the context of yoga, has become increasingly popular in the Western world, however, we need to appreciate that most of what we read, believe, and accept as the truth about chakras and yoga have been influenced and adapted to westerners. Having said this, we seem to be on the cusp of recognizing the importance of spirituality and a universal connection. I have searched for years to find a spiritual path that made sense which did not exclude others. The chakra system actually is based on meditation and visualization of the energetic fields represented in our bodies. These energetic centres have corresponding colours and represent areas of the body that influence bodily function and spiritual and psychological needs. Using the chakra system, allows us to take responsibility for our health and wellness. I strongly believe in traditional practices to assist in optimal health but also appreciate that using the chakra system can be adjunctive and empowering. And, the chakra system is fun, colourful, and extremely calming.

Who all are a part of your family? Do they share your beliefs of chakra healing?

I’m happily married with two adult daughters and my adopted niece-daughter. They are all at different stages of sharing my chakra healing beliefs. They are all very supportive, come to me for chakra balancing sessions, and help me with various aspects of my chakra/art practice. Even before I fully embraced the chakra system, they were always exposed to visualization, meditation, self-hypnosis, and oracle card reading. I think because I have a strong foundation in traditional mental health practices as well as this strong spiritual healing path, they are keen to explore these beliefs.

Who introduced you to this world of chakra heeling?

Initially, I was self-taught and I really don’t recall what influenced me to do further exploration. It was during a very challenging time in my life, and I was exploring many spiritual avenues, but once I started reading about chakras and the foundations of yoga I became a bit obsessed. I started painting what I visualized about the chakras and then decided I needed more formal education, so I took an intensive Chakra training course with Candace McKim. I had started writing my book but felt I needed more knowledge and she inspired me to keep at it.

What inspired you to write your book ‘Finding Balance and Forgiveness through Chakras and Art’?

I have always been intrigued by resilience and pondered why some people are able to cope with devastating circumstances and others crumble under what seems to be minor challenges. I have actually been writing this book for the past 20 years, but it was not until I had studied the chakra system that I realized the template and foundation of the book. I truly believe that the most damaging thing we, as humans suffer from, is struggling with forgiveness. We have become a society of victims and blame, and until we are able to really forgive, it is impossible to heal. I think there is a misconception that when we forgive, it is for the person we perceive has done us wrong…forgiveness is actually an act that benefits ourselves. When we can forgive, we can be free. Many of my own personal struggles, which are not unlike anyone else's, as well as the amazing resilience of many of my patients provide at lot of the inspiration for my book.

Your first book received a lot of love from the readers and even became the #1 Amazon Bestseller. How does that make you feel?

I feel great, but really I just want to share what I learned the hard way. I believe that life can be much easier than we make it out to be, even after devastation. Life is complex and there are many things we cannot control, but our response to life is absolutely within our control. Whether people embrace my book or not, is out of my control but I feel wonderful knowing that I’ve been able to share something that I believe is worthwhile and may make a positive difference in someone’s life.

What do you think about the rising cases of mental health issues all around the world? What can everyone on a personal level do to avert them?

I’m not certain that there are more mental health issues now than in past generations. I think we are more open to recognizing mental illness for what it is. I think we used to hide people with mental health issues or pretend that the issues did not exist. I think we are at the very early stages of accepting how common mental illness is and we are beginning to lift the cloak of denial. The more we talk about mental illness and normalize it, the easier it will be to treat as people will not be so stigmatized. I hope that one day, mental illness is viewed no differently than any illness.

Which is the next book you are working on? What is it about?

I have just completed my brand new Finding Balance Chakra Oracle cards and Guidebook.It has just gone to printing and will be available later this summer. I’m really excited about this project. The cards and booklet supplement my book, Finding Balance and Forgiveness Through Chakras and Art, and I’m really proud of how well the project turned out. The 50 cards all have abstract paintings that represent the chakras and my comprehensive guidebook assists the reader to do chakra readings and to provide healing suggestions.

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