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Gary Simmons

Gary Simmons

Gary Simmons was born in Atlanta,GA
began writing poetry as a teen.
This collection is based on his views, feelings and thoughts of emotions through out his life.
Now he shares his words in his Journey,and connecting with others who can see the poetic visions.

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Poetic Visions: Beyond Expressions
(3) $4.99 kindleeBook, Paperback, Audio,
Poetic Visions: Beyond Expressionsby Gary SimmonsPublish: Aug 01, 2018Romance Teen & Young Adult Poetry Religion & Spirituality

Gary Simmons Interview On 23, Mar 2019

"Gary Simmons grew up in Atlanta, GA. His childhood experiences are his inspirations behind his poetry and wanting to write. The thing he likes most about Poetry is being able to express himself and what he likes least about Poetry is that it is the hardest genre to sell and reach readers. His greatest fear as an author is not being able to reach enough readers to inspire and relate to his story. He writes based on his thoughts and emotions when he is in his darkest corner in life. He has plans to write and publish his autobio book."
Describe your childhood in five words. Where did you grow up and do you think that that coloured your writing in any way?

Blessed, Miracle, Misunderstood, Neglected, Love,
Atlanta, GA.

My childhood experiences is my inspirations behind my poetry and wanting to write.

What did books and writing mean to you as a child? Is anyone else in your family involved in the literature field?

My childhood/young adult experiences is based on my first poetry book

And I am the only writer from my family.

What do you love most about writing poetry? What do you like least?

The thing I like most about Poetry is being able to express myself and what I like least about Poetry is that it is the hardest genre to sell and reach readers.

What were your expectations of what being an author would be like before you had your book published? In what ways has that changed?

At first my expectations as an author was being able to inspire readers to relate and connect with as an author from my personal life experiences. Now I realize its much harder to get your message across to that specific audience you trying to reach to.

When it comes to writing biographies and memoirs, what are some unspoken writing rules you can never break?

Being limited with expressing your thoughts and being open or as personal as possible is a rule can never be broken.

What was the idea or image you were trying to capture/create with your book, "Poetic Visions: Beyond Expressions?"

Poetic Visions: Beyond Expressions is a title came to mind a while back thinking I could make it known that it was a poetry book and it would grab readers attention and be drawn into it personally.

What is your greatest fear as an author?

My greatest fear as an author is not being able to reach enough readers to inspire and relate to my story.

Are there any hidden themes or ideologies that you address in your book? What is one thing you hope your readers will take away from your writing?

Everything is pretty much open in my book as far as topics I wrote about with my poetry,

I want readers to take away never be afraid to be as expressive as you can to get your thoughts out.

What are some of your other hobbies? Do you have any favourite TV shows?

I always have been a poet, I began writing poetry (my book) at 12 years old and put in one story.

When are you most inspired to write? What are some things you do to motivate yourself when you're stuck in a rut?

I write based on my thoughts and emotions, when I’m in my darkest corner in life.

My other favorite hobbies are gaming online, I am also an underground independent hip-hop artist, and I love working with computers, I am a very tec type person.

Who is an author you really look up to and why?

I always admired Mya Angelo as an author & poet, I love her poetry books.

If you could describe your journey as a writer in 5 words, what would they be?

5 words to describe my journey as a writer, inspiring, motivated, determined, dedicated & fulfilling

What is one of your biggest regrets during your early years as a writer? What is one mistake you vowed to never repeat again?

I have no regrets writing any Poetry I have ever written.

What are some of your future projects that you've started on? May we know when we can expect a new book?

I have plans to write and publish my auto bio book. No set date or time frame yet but it is in the works. I have started writing ideas and a chapter or 2 for now.

Finally, how has your time with AllAuthor impacted your life and your writing so far? What other measures could be taken on this site to cater better to the needs of authors?

I have enjoyed working with All Author and have been thankful for the support of my current book.

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