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Gary Simmons
Gary Simmons
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Gary Simmons was born in Atlanta,GA
began writing poetry as a teen.
This collection is based on his views, feelings and thoughts of emotions through out his life.
Now he shares his words in his Journey,and connecting with others who can see the poetic visions.

  • Gary Simmons

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Poetic Visions: Beyond Expressions

Publish Date: Aug 01, 2018

Genre: Romance, Teen & Young Adult, Poetry, Religion & Spirituality

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Poetic Visions: Beyond Expressions

Poetic Visions: Beyond Expressions


Publication Date: Aug 01, 2018

Romance, Teen & Young Adult, Poetry, Religion & Spirituality

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Gary Simmons Interview

  • On 23, 03 2019

    Gary Simmons interview

    Gary Simmons grew up in Atlanta, GA. His childhood experiences are his inspirations behind his poetry and wanting to write. The thing he likes most about Poetry is being able to express himself and what he likes least about Poetry is that it is the hardest genre to sell and reach readers. His greatest fear as an author is not being able to reach enough readers to... read full interview

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      • gbbs1986 2 months Post AdminAuthor
      • i have been writing Poetry since the age of 12. i always been inspired to write and share my story and express my feelings through my poetry. i certainly have a special stand alone story to tell. i want to inspire young adults from my life experiences.
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