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Like her protagonist, Glenna Redcliffe was raised on a dairy farm in north-central Alabama and earned an accounting degree from the University of South Alabama in Mobile. Many of her early experiences of home life she also shares with Sam. The author also has the same personality profile on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator - INFJ-A - and the same conflict between her intellectual and emotional selves.

Since earning her degree, she has worked for a variety of businesses, small and large, as well as the district attorney’s offices in two counties in the state, and now resides once again in North Alabama, near Huntsville, with her husband. The Gravel Road is her first novel.

"Many times I wanted to go back and cut things that felt too personal, too revelatory. It has taken me two full years to get comfortable with that depiction being out there for the world to see. Eventually, I experienced a catharsis."

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A Position of Special Trust (Samantha Albright Series)

Genre: Suspense

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A Position of Special Trust (Samantha Albright Series)

A Position of Special Trust (Samantha Albright Series)



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