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I became an avid reader as a child and have always had several books at hand reading, mostly history and adventure, science fiction and biographies. As a professional airline pilot I spent ten years of my life riding only technical manuals and then one day I said, enough. Let's read something for fun. My writings is now a beloved investment in my retirement years. My love of genealogy and history is used in research. Speciality - Civil War, Indian History and Western History

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Charles Barnhill Deputy U.S. Marshal
(11) $2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Charles Barnhill Deputy U.S. Marshalby Linda AndersonPublish: Dec 16, 2016Historical Fiction Biographies & Memoirs
Missouri Man: Fighting Indians, River Gangs and Rebels
(6) $2.99 kindleeBook,
Missouri Man: Fighting Indians, River Gangs and Rebelsby Linda C. AndersonHistorical Fiction Biographies & Memoirs
From Pigtails to Turboprops: A Pilot's Memoir
(6) $3.32 kindleeBook,
From Pigtails to Turboprops: A Pilot's Memoirby Mrs. Linda Pool AndersonBiographies & Memoirs
Brothers of the Badge (They Were Lawmen)
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Brothers of the Badge (They Were Lawmen)by Linda Pool AndersonPublish: Nov 27, 2015Series: The Outlaw TrailHistorical Fiction Biographies & Memoirs

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  • The Outlaw Trail

    Brothers of the Badge (They Were Lawmen) - Published on Nov, 2015

Linda Pool Anderson interview On 23, Jan 2020

"Author, Mrs. Linda Carol Anderson exhibits an amazing skill at painting mental pictures of the people and events that take place in her book. She makes the true-life characters, stories and history come to life. Her love of genealogy and history is used in research."
Which books did you read during your childhood?

Aviation, history, mystery, and sci-fi such as Little Women, Nancy Drew series, Bruce Catton's Civil War series, Barry Blake and the Flying Fortress, and.Iaac Asimov's I, Robot,

What did you enjoy reading the most about history and adventure, science fiction and biographies?

The stories opened new places and people.

What inspired you to take up writing after spending ten years as a professional airline pilot?

My husband's encouragement and the desire to research an ancestor's life as a U.S. deputy Marshall.

How does your love of genealogy and history help you to do extensive research for your books?

This knowledge gives me the tools necessary to explore and use the subject material I need.

How did you come up with the 'Charles Barnhill Deputy U.S. Marshalt'? Who is your favorite character in this book?

This man was one of my ancestors, my great-great- grandfather's brother, i.e. my 2nd great-uncle. No one in the family knew much about his story but his grandson had compiled a few sketchy notes of known facts. My favorite character in the book is Charles, himself.

What did you feel when an old pilot looked at you and offered you an airplane ride with her buddy?

I was over-joyed to think I could finally get an airplane ride in the cockpit of an airplane, not like riding in a commercial airliner. I had always looked up from the ground and wondered what it would be like to be in the cockpit.

Of all the historical fiction stories that you have written, which one is closest to your heart and why?

Killers on the Loose because it has the most violent and action-packed scenes which I had to recreate from newspaper reports and eye-witness stories.

You have published four historical fiction books and a memoir. How was the writing process different while writing a memoir?

It was much more demanding of my memory. Fortunately I had four logbooks and a file of memorabelia I could rely on to bring back the details of particular flights and events.

If you had an extra hour every day what would you do with it?


How much did you research to write the true life character of Charles Barnhill in "Brothers of the Badge"?

A lot. I spent five years compiling all the details of his life and events using material from the National Archives in Fort Worth, Texas and the newspaper accounts and other documents from the genealogical library at Fort Smith, Arkansas.

What is something that people don’t usually know about being an author?

It is hard work and takes dedication and the willingness to jump into tasks you may want to avoid such as research, research, research, and bringing the materials together in an understandable manner.

How do your fans usually contact you and what's the nicest message you've ever received?

12, By email. Many have been my cousins I did not know about who are so excited about finding out about their relatives, Charles, Abe, and Jimmy Barnhill. For my memoir it is women who are enthralled by my story. Flying, like any profession, takes long years of technical training to master. Even when I was in the 99's Women Pilots Organization most of the women were non-professional private pilots, not airline pilots or military pilots.

As an author, what are some things you wish your readers could take away with every of yours that they read?

A smile and a sense of light-heartedness. I want my stories to uplift and encourage.

Which is the next book you are writing? When is it due to being released?

A story about the Osage Indians -sometime this year.

What originally attracted you to our website? If you were to review the website what score would you give it out of 5?

The resources it offers to authors to expand their books' marketing.It scores very high, for sure a 5.

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      • Linda Pool Anderson Linda Pool Anderson 1 year ago
      • I started enjoying writing just for fun in my many high school and college courses. But it was my husnand, also a writer, who encouraged me to become serious about my interest.
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