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I have battled mental illness for most of my life from self harm and depression to anorexia and bipolar. Illness and hospital admissions took a large portion of my life and I believed that I would never amount to anything.
After years of fighting and working on myself and my recovery I wanted to share my story to offer hope and inspiration to others to show that things can get better even when it seems impossible and that even in the darkest of times that hope and knowledge is worth hanging on for.

I now campaign for mental health awareness and have spoken publicly and to the media about various mental health topics and my own journey. I work hard to raise awareness by doing local projects, events and am constantly building on this to find new ways to create conversation around mental health and challenge stigma.

I have a website where I blog, vlog, and share my various projects while trying to share my own journey to offer hope to others.


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In Bloom, Not Broken

Publish Date: Mar 09, 2019

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

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In Bloom, Not Broken


Publication Date: Mar 09, 2019

Biographies & Memoirs

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