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Jana J. Worthington
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Jana is the atypical blonde who fell in love with romance novels when she was in junior high school and needed an escape.

She was born and raised in Alamo, Tennessee, and attended Dyersburg Community College and Jackson State Community College where she graduated with a degree in Emergency Medicine.

Jana currently lives in Tullahoma, Tennessee with her husband, Danny, and their two children, Tiffany and Neyland.

When she’s not reading, writing, or editing, you can find her watching The Middle or the ID channel.

She started writing to get the stories she kept in her head down on paper for her daughter to read. (You do a lot of daydreaming on days MS keeps you on the couch.) 

She fell in love with writing after that and is thrilled to be able to create a world in her head and present it to you so that you can experience it too.

She’s not sure where this writing journey will take her but either way, she knows it will be a fun new adventure and she is super excited about sharing her unconventional stories.

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