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What inspired me to write Letters to Evelyn was that I was seeing so many things wrong with a negative outlook on life. I thought that I would give some of my dreams away that integrate with reality.

My name is John J. Selman, I'm originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, however I grew up in Brunswick, Maine when my parents moved here when I was four. I thought Brunswick, Maine had a strong tradition with poetry so, much of what I've seen in the English language are displayed in a lyrical sense.

I graduated first in my NROTC class at the University of Maine with a B.A. in German Language and Literature, and with my degree, I chose to join naval service to become a pilot. My flight time has been spent in 9 different types of aircraft and I presently have two world records, one for the longest time spent with no sleep, greater than 12 days, that's talked about in my memoir, Letters to Evelyn, and my second is for the steepest, highest Sarajevo Approach with the lowest recovery in a T-34C. I flew from 6000 feet down to five feet above the treetops onto Elgin AFB at greater than a seventy degree nose down attitude. So, I enjoyed writing Letters to Evelyn because it allowed me to construct worlds with an impression, and give some of my ideas about what I believe is an ideal earth.

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