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Jeanine Lauren
Jeanine Lauren
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    Contemporary Romance Romance Women's Fiction

Jeanine Lauren has always loved a good story. She prefers those where the strength of community and the power of love combine to overcome even the darkest of situations. Jeanine writes from her home in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada, not far from the fictional town of Sunshine Bay, where many of her characters live.

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Love's Fresh Start: A Novella

Publish Date: Mar 23, 2019

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction

avg rating4.6 - 15 reviews on Amazon

Jeanine Lauren's Books

Love's Fresh Start: A Novella


Publication Date: Mar 23, 2019

Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction

4.6 (15 ratings)

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    • allauthor 28 daysAllauthor
    • If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
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      • jlauren 28 days AuthorAuthor
      • I would say:
        1. Write the whole draft before going back to polish the first chapter. If you spend too long perfecting the first three or four chapters you are in danger of never finishing chapter 5 much less the whole book;
        2. Don't spend too much time on book one. You read about people working on the same book for years and never moving on to the second one. Better to practice finishing several and learning as you go than staying on the same story year after year;
        3. See yourself as a writer and take your craft seriously. If you don't take it seriously and make it a priority no one else will either.
        4. HAVE FUN!
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    • allauthor 2 monthsAllauthor
    • When you were young, did you ever see writing as a career or full-time profession?
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      • jlauren 2 months AuthorAuthor
      • I grew up in small town Canada and read a lot. I wrote my first book when I was seven and have dreamed of writing ever since.
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