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Joshua Soule

Joshua Soule

Josh Soule was born and raised on the open range of Wyoming. He loves doing all things outdoors with his wife and children; including camping, hiking, and fishing.

Josh spent many years trying to find his purpose. He worked in law enforcement, security, and social work before turning his eyes on education where he now works. A firm believer in the proper development of our youth, Josh teaches at a local elementary school, and uses his past experiences for his writing.

He possesses a Masters Degree in Business and is finishing his second Master's Degree in Education.
A devoted Christian and family man, Josh is an active member of his church, and can be found presenting and sharing his experiences. He is pleased to share his books that are always clean, family friendly, and affordable.

To learn more, please visit www.joshsoulebooks.com
Or connect on social media at: facebook.com/joshsoulebooks or instagram.com/soulejosh

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The Monster
(2) Paperback,
The Monsterby Josh SoulePublish: Feb 18, 2019Thrillers Suspense
Finding Carson (Mark Adler)
$14.99 kindleeBook,
Finding Carson (Mark Adler)by Josh SoulePublish: Jun 10, 2020Crime Fiction Thrillers Suspense
Into the Woods
Into the Woodsby Josh SoulePublish: Jan 01, 2020Thrillers Suspense Mysteries

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      • Joshua Soule Joshua Soule 1 year ago
      • Not to give up. I think that too many times I got caught up in the pressure of what other people thought, I was always trying to get the story just perfect. but it is never perfect, especially on a rough draft, and I wish I had just seen things through until the end.
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      • Joshua Soule Joshua Soule 1 year ago
      • We definitely found ways to make the process less exhausting, especially in the revision process.
        By the end of the process, I must have read the book a hundred times. It lost its potency as a book, that's something I don't want.
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