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Joshua Soule
Joshua Soule
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Josh Soule is a self-published author from Wyoming.

He has worked in Law Enforcement, security, social work, and currently in education as a Behavior Specialist. Josh enjoys taking his experience and creating psychological, thriller, crime, and suspense stories.

Josh is always willing to hear feedback and answer any questions you may have: he can be contacted at his website
or his Facebook page

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The Monster

Publish Date: Feb 18, 2019

Genre: Thrillers, Suspense

avg rating5 - 5 reviews on Amazon

Joshua Soule's Books

The Monster

The Monster


Publication Date: Feb 18, 2019

Thrillers, Suspense

5 (5 ratings)

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    • allauthor 1 monthAllauthor
    • If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
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      • joshsoule 1 month AuthorAuthor
      • Not to give up. I think that too many times I got caught up in the pressure of what other people thought, I was always trying to get the story just perfect. but it is never perfect, especially on a rough draft, and I wish I had just seen things through until the end.
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      • joshsoule 4 months AuthorAuthor
      • We definitely found ways to make the process less exhausting, especially in the revision process.
        By the end of the process, I must have read the book a hundred times. It lost its potency as a book, that's something I don't want.
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