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Deep in the heart of Portsmouth, England, lives a quirky Brit with a larger-than-life imagination.

Meet Kat Green!

Music and the Military have been major influences in Kat’s life and has shaped the woman she is today. Kat moved around frequently growing up which afforded her the opportunity to meet new people and experience many different bands broadening her music library.

Writing was always an afterthought, but when she lost her Mum to cancer in 2010, it was time to put words to paper. Life is too short.

Kat’s books span the rock star romance genre adding a hint of mystery with her Black Eagles Series. Or if you need a paranormal thriller to keep you looking over your shoulder at night, check out Veiled, Frozen Pact, or her latest release, Listen To Me! Either way, you will not be disappointed.

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Frozen Pact
$3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback, Audio, Signed Paperback,
Frozen Pactby Kat GreenPublish: May 28, 2019Suspense Supernatural Suspense Horror
Surviving The Game
$3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback, Signed Paperback,
Surviving The Gameby Kat GreenPublish: Mar 04, 2021Thriller Suspense Mystery Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense New Adult Romance more»
Finale (The Black Eagles Series Book 3)
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback, Audio, Signed Paperback,
Finale (The Black Eagles Series Book 3)by Kat Green (UK)Publish: Feb 02, 2017Series: The Black Eagles SeriesThriller Suspense Mystery Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense New Adult Romance Romance Women's Fiction more»
Listen To Me! (Paranormal Mystery)
$0.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback, Audio, Signed Paperback,
Listen To Me! (Paranormal Mystery)by Kat GreenPublish: Jul 19, 2020Thriller Suspense Mystery Supernatural Suspense Horror

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  • The Black Eagles Series

    1 Finale (The Black Eagles Series Book 3) - Published on Feb, 2017

Kat Green (UK) Interview On 26, Mar 2019

"Kat Green's childhood was Happy, loving and stable. Born in a military family, she can adapt to new surroundings and she can easily get along with most people. She attempted her first story at age 11, never showed it to anyone. She continues to learn to be a better writer. She uses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as her main form of promotion along with AMS ads, bookbub, book sprout and a few others. The author says, "You can’t please everyone, so make peace with that and live your life.""
Having moved around a lot, which was your favourite place to be? How would you describe your childhood in three words?

Anywhere with my family, but the UK is my home. My childhood was Happy, loving & stable

How do you think being born in a military family has helped you shape into the person you are today?

It has helped with meeting new people, I can adapt to new surroundings and I can easily get along with most people. It developed me into a confident person who knows things can changed suddenly.

Since you are at ease with meeting new people, do you have a lot of friends? What is the easiest way to adapt to new surrounding?

I do have a lot of friends, over the years I have met so many wonderful people. I adapt by embracing it as a new experience and looking at it as a positive thing.

How often have you been to Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire? Have you been to any literary pilgrimages?

I lived there from the age of 11-19 and visit family several times a year.

When did you begin writing? How much do you think you have grown as a writer since your first book?

I attempted my first story at age 11, never showed it to anyone. It was 2011 when I finally braved it and started Strings. I have grown a lot, learnt so much from some wonderful people over the years but I still have more to do. I continue to learn to be a better writer.

How did your busy imagination helped you to start The Black Eagles Series? How many more books are you planning to add to the series?

The story has always been there simmering under the surface, I guess 2011 was the right time to put it down on pages. The series is complete, there wasn’t a plan to do more but as with anything never say never. I might revisit those characters again…

How did your love for music inspired your first novel, "Strings?" What were some challenges you faced while publishing your first book?

I wanted to write from a different perspective, away from the stereotypical image of a Rockstar. I know plenty of bands and they inspired me a lot, seeing it from their perspective was interesting. Self - doubt was my main challenge with Strings. It was terrifying.

Which was the last gig you attended around the UK? Do you write while listening to music?

I went to watch some friends of mine last Friday, Sabella. A band from Sheffield. Sometimes I listen to music, it depends. Music inspires me and is crucial to my writing but there are times when I need the silence.

How did you overcome the pain of losing your mother to blood cancer? How did you find enough courage to put your words on a page and stop worrying about what people might say?

I know my mother would want me to be happy, I made her a promise I would live my life. You never get over losing a parent, each day slowly gets easier. I knew I had to be brave and do what my heart desired. You can’t please everyone, so make peace with that and live your life.

Are any instances from "Girl at the back" taken from real life? Do you incorporate stories from your personal life in any of your books?

I think my travels following bands inspired it, but I just add my twist to it. I sometimes add in things from my personal life indirectly or things I seen or heard as I’ve gone about my daily life. Most just comes from my mind.

Tell us a little about your book covers and how you go about creating them. Do you place a little or a lot of importance on your book covers?

Book covers are important. I have a cover designer I use for all my covers, I decide what I want, and the designer puts it together, we work with each other until I am happy. She is amazing. I like my covers to be unique.

What are some rules to writing historical mysteries? What inspired the character of Kara Tate in "Veiled?"

Research is important, or at least write within your limits. I think Kara is a bit me, I write, and I love anything paranormal.

Would you say that your life has changed much after becoming an author? What are some important life lessons you've learnt since then?

My life is much the same although I am busier ha ha, I have learnt a lot and mainly to always be you and do what you want to in life. Things are not as scary as they seem.

How did you get the idea for the "The Black Eagles" band? What are you currently working on?

The main character developed first, his surname is Black, as he developed in the writing process and I added in a passion for Eagles, giving him something other than music to build his personality the name for the band became obvious.

What are some tools you use for book promotions? How did you come to know about All Author and what are your thoughts on this website?

I use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as my main form of promotion along with AMS ads, bookbub, booksprout and a few others, AllAuthors of course, which I found using google for other ways to promote. I love the site and I am happy to have found it. It’s helpful, friendly and has many tools to help authors.

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