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Kathleen McKee

Kathleen McKee

Kathleen McKee is an accomplished educator and gifted writer with a talent for bringing characters to life. Her heart-warming stories and their settings are drawn from memories of people she has met and places she has experienced.

Kathleen crafts narratives that are uplifting and moving, with a touch of whimsy, mystery, and history. She likes to include women who are strong, generous, compassionate, and capable.

Kathleen currently lives in Southeast Pennsylvania. You’ll find her there, working on her next novel.
Visit her website at: https://kathleen-mckee.com/

Kathleen McKee Books

(4) $3.99kindleeBook,
Murder in Aspen Notch (An Aspen Notch Mystery Book 1)by Kathleen McKeePublish: Sep 13, 2019Series: Aspen Notch MysteriesMysteries
Bountiful Legacies (Poustinia Book 3)
$3.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
Bountiful Legacies (Poustinia Book 3)by Kathleen McKeePublish: Feb 25, 2019Series: PoustiniaWomen's Fiction
Joyful Encounters (Poustinia Series Book 2)
$3.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
Joyful Encounters (Poustinia Series Book 2)by Kathleen McKeePublish: Aug 05, 2016Series: PoustiniaWomen's Fiction
Living With a Springer Spaniel: Pete and Me
$2.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
Living With a Springer Spaniel: Pete and Meby Kathleen McKeePublish: Jun 17, 2016Biographies & Memoirs
A Specter of Truth
(3) $3.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
A Specter of Truthby Kathleen McKeePublish: Sep 20, 2017Historical Fiction
No Gifts to Bring
(4) $3.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
No Gifts to Bringby Kathleen McKeePublish: Sep 12, 2018Mysteries
Poustinia: A Novel
(5) $3.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
Poustinia: A Novelby Kathleen McKeePublish: Mar 27, 2016Series: PoustiniaWomen's Fiction

Ask Kathleen McKee a question

      • Kathleen McKee Kathleen McKee 2 months ago
      • Reading was my favorite hobby as a child. In fact, I remember telling everyone that one day I would write a novel. That "one day" became a distant dream as I was immersed in my studies and career. Finally retired, I made the decision to begin writing seriously. I loved the challenge and the pride that emerged as I worked to hone the craft of storytelling.
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      • Kathleen McKee Kathleen McKee 3 months ago
      • Of course, good spelling and grammar are critical elements. But, aside from those, I believe readers want to connect with the characters in a story. Descriptions aren't enough. How do they act or show emotion? What is the interaction among them? Dialog can make or break a character. Does it seem real? Does it bring the character to life? In addition, the story needs to move forward at every moment. Even back-stories need to be tethered to unite the book, as a whole. Weighty literary passages may speak poetically, but the typical reader wants action and resolution. I also like short chapters that climax with a nudge to read more. Write from the heart. It works every time.
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