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Kelly Curtis

I've lived so many places around the world, now I only wish that I could explore the galaxy, so, I write science fiction novels. On Earth, I have lived abroad for over twenty years and have picked up degrees along the way in anthropology, East Asian Studies, East Asian art and applied linguistics from universities all over the world. My favorite cities, where I wish I could be all at once; London, Berlin, Stockholm, New Orleans, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. I consider myself a global citizen and always include an array of international characters and languages in my stories. I like the idea of humanity moving toward a common goal and working together as one, but still maintaining our clever and unique identities.

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The Mars One Incidentby Kelly CurtisPublish: Aug 30, 2019Science Fiction

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      • Kelly Curtis Kelly Curtis 12 days ago
      • Knowing when to stop. How many details to add and when to stop the story. Just like in baking you know have a kitchen full of ingredients but you need to add just the right amount, the perfect combination and bake at the right temperature for the correct amount of time to make a good dish. Writing is the same. It's difficult to make decisions about which spices to use and how much to include as to not overpower the book completely. An editor can only do so much if the bulk of the story is not already in place.
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