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I am a lawyer (LL.M., McGill University, Montreal, Canada) and, most important, a happy husband and father (one son, and a baby boy on his way). After practicing law for many years and serving as ad hoc diplomat to a specialized UN agency, I am currently focused on enjoying my family time and writing, and I am very happy to join the AllAuthor community!

“Crimson Winter” is my debut novel, in which I invested a lot of time and hard work. My editor Allister Thompson (http://www.allisterthompson.com/) believes that so much toil “…has resulted in the creation of a really fine crime thriller. And it's not just a crime novel... there's a lot of wisdom and very strong emotional content here too. You should be proud of what you've achieved. It's a really compelling novel. And sophisticated too”.

Nothing would make me happier than knowing that you feel the same way. If you do, your book review will be very much appreciated!


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Crimson Winter: All is Fair in Love and War.by K. AdamsPublish: Apr 21, 2022Thriller Suspense Mystery Women's Fiction

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