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26 year medically retired Army Veteran. Single Mother of one beautiful daughter whose a college graduate. I am a proud doting grandmother of a little beautiful girl. A Realtor for Alabama and Georgia. Author of now three books as of November 8,2019: Overcoming a Broken Heart and From Broken Pieces to Peace and Graced to be a Rebel. A Troy University Alumni as of December 2019. Writing is very soothing to me... along with crocheting and playing with my Schitzu-Poodle Mix... Above all a follower of Jesus Christ and just plain old compassion for the human race which is missing now a days.

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(1) $3.99 kindleeBook,
Overcoming a Broken Heart: Memoirs of a Single Motherby Kimi Y. BivinsPublish: Oct 29, 2015African American Interest Poetry Biographies & Memoirs General Nonfiction Christian Nonfiction Religion & Spirituality more»
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Graced to be a Rebelby Kimi BivinsPublish: Nov 08, 2019Religion & Spirituality
From Broken Pieces to Peace
(1) Paperback,
From Broken Pieces to Peaceby Kimi Y BivinsAfrican American Interest Poetry Advice & How To Christian Nonfiction Religion & Spirituality

Kimi Y Bivins interview On 03, Jan 2020

"Kimi Y Bivins writes thought-provoking and motivational words in her eye-opening books. 26 year medically retired Army Veteran and a single mother, Kimi is currently working on her second Bachelor's Degree. She believes beauty is more than skin deep, it's the state of your heart that matters. Bivins addresses important issues in her memoir and poetry."
Where were you born and raised? What was your parents’ profession?

I was born in Newark, NJ but raised in Ozark, AL ... my mom was a single parent at 17

Has your childhood played a role in your interest in nonfiction writing?

It wasn’t necessarily childhood... my issues were church issues... religious, judgmental people claiming to follow Jesus Christ.

Tell us a little bit about the roles you played as an Army Veteran. Do you think that this has given you any sort of edge as a nonfiction writer?

I have not written anything on those lines yet... but surely plan to in my next book...

How did you come up with the name "Renamaum"? What does it mean and what is its origin?

Uhm... this question might be for someone else

Could you tell us a little about your book "From Broken Pieces to Peace" and how it differs from your other works? Did you write these poems specifically for this book, or are they a collection of poems that you've been writing for a long time and decided to finally publish?

Those poem was birthed out of the pains of not being content with being in single status but finally finding peace and contentment as a single woman never being married. I’d dare to say... i finally found MYSELF! I fell in love with Kimi during this soul search journey... i found out my likes and dislikes... the things Kimi will not compromise on as a single woman desiring a mate should marriage be WHAT I DECIDE... in the future.

As an author, what are some things you wish your readers could take away with every of yours that they read?

Learn from my mistakes and rejoice with me in my testimonies... if i made it through certain trials... they can too!

Which of your book covers are you most proud of? Who usually designs your book covers?

I’ve enjoyed the cover of From Broken Pieces to Piece 🤗. I love the revision of Overcoming a Broken Heart... these two covers... the pics were taken by Michael Moorer Photography... Graced to be a Rebel... was created through Canva with one of my own pics in my camera.

What inspired you to finally be able to carve out time to spend on writing again? Has your daughter read your books?

My daughter haven’t read any of my books yet to date... that I’ve known... is always write when I was moved to write... if i couldn’t stop typing... i knew it was time to write and complete the book.... for some reason... i can turn the need to write... on and off... which is a blessing 😊

What is one quote or book or movie that has really changed the way you think or live your life?

My favorite movie of all time ... is... Imitation of Life... about a young lady with very light skin and could pass for white but her mother was black. She despised her mother for her dark skin... but when her mother died... she was so moved with guilt... when she should’ve loved her... instead of being ashamed of her. I’m a mother... I’m always moved with compassion to help others... avoid any pain I’ve experienced by telling my story. Just being a woman carries so many challenges 😔

"Overcoming a Broken Heart" is a compilation of memoir, poetry, and reflections. What inspired you to write this book?

Dealing with church hurt... was my one reason... writing poems was my therapy in dealing with hurt and rejection by leaders

How do you think concepts such as Kindle, and e-books have changed the present or future of reading?

Quick access... and less clutter for those who don’t necessarily like books lying around but i prefer a book... sometimes you can obtain autographs

Every art form is open to various interpretations and reviews. How do you handle any negative reviews that come your way?

I really don’t have any yet... but i would hope to see it as not only teachable moment... but if necessary... see it as an opinion... everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

I’m in the very beginning stages of a 4th book... brainstorming

Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?

Just let the words flow out of you... don’t force them...

How has your experience working with AllAuthor been?

It’s been enjoyable! It’s a load off of me as far as marketing... especially while i was in school full time... i just completed by decree and graduated December 13th! I’m excited!

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