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Jayne Lockwood

Jayne Lockwood

Jayne Lockwood has always wanted to learn to fly. Spending free time honing her Peter Pan skills on an aerial hoop, she also creates flights of fancy in her books, mingling sex and romance with angst and a healthy dash of dark humor.

Since she was a small child, Jayne has always sympathized with the villain. It all began with Alice Cooper, even though she was banned from listening to his music by her mother. From wanting to sail away with Captain Hook or redeeming the Child Catcher, the antihero has been an enduring fascination ever since.

Jayne has been writing since her early teens, starting with appalling poetry railing against nuclear war (it was the 1970’s). There followed a couple of novels, long since consigned to flames (probably just as well, TBH), one of them based on A Clockwork Orange after her mother (again) banned her from asking questions about the film.

Moral of this story—don’t stop your children listening to or reading what they want. It will turn them into strange, silent kids who draw graveyards and fantasize about being an orphan….

After a two-year sojourn in New Jersey and two decades of child-rearing, Jayne is an outwardly respectable member of an English village community. She also is one of the founder members of WROTE podcast, which is dedicated to showcasing LGBTQA authors and their work, and now writes book reviews as well as diverse fiction.

She is also in a sub/Dom relationship with a cat called Keith.

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$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Going Downby Lady JaguarPublish: Jan 13, 2020Series: Lady Jaguar's Pulp ReadsSuspense Erotic Romance LGBT
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Lexington Blackby Lady JaguarPublish: Feb 01, 2015Erotic Romance LGBT
The Cloud Seeker
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Cloud Seekerby Jayne LockwoodPublish: Nov 18, 2012Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense Women's Fiction
Closer Than Blood
$3.5 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback,
Closer Than Bloodby Jayne LockwoodPublish: Mar 04, 2014Suspense Contemporary Romance

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  • Lady Jaguar's Pulp Reads

    Going Down - Published on Jan, 2020

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