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As mother/step mother of 6 children, and grandmother of 8, we've had our share of challenges. We've experienced serious situations which tested our faith to the core. Learning to lean into God during those trials and rely on His word is where I found my strength. This devotional covers topics faced by many parents of adult children and provides guidance on growing your faith and finding better ways to strengthen your family relationships.

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Lisa Hodgins interview On 03, Mar 2020

"Lisa Hodgins was blessed to have a great family and upbringing. She started out with a couple of children's stories that she wrote but never published. Religion & Spirituality is a normal genre and inspiration for her. Her book, Prayers for Your Adult Children offers a spiritually sound path to healing and growing as a parent to your adult children."
Tell us a few things about your early life or childhood. Who was your role model as a child?

I was blessed to have a great family and upbringing. Being the youngest my siblings were all good role models. I grew up in a suburb of Boston with our property next to a forest. I feel my time spent playing in the woods and around nature brought me closer to God and inspired my imagination.

Do you remember what the first story you ever wrote was about? Who read it first?

The first story I wrote was about a young girl whose father is a bus driver who let’s her ride with him and meet the people who board the bus. It’s about the friends she makes and a surprise they give her. I’ve only shared that with my kids and grandkids.

Where would you say your love for writing and storytelling comes from? Do your parents like to write?

My mother was an artist and my father had a good sense of humor. So, I would say my creativity came from both. My siblings are creative as well.

What kind of cultural value do you think reading and writing has/brings?

I believe developing reading and writing skills at an early age is a critical for our youth. Our culture doesn’t put the value on it since electronics have taken over. To my thinking, to get a child engaged in reading is an important part of their learning and future. Reading time shouldn’t be replaced by tv or computer games.

Since you have been mother of 6 children, and grandmother of 8, have you ever thought of trying your hands in the children's genre?

I started out with a couple of children stories that I wrote but never published. They were more for me to share with my family. My granddaughter is writing a science fiction story that is inspiring and challenges me to think about trying other genres.

What got you into the Religion & Spirituality genre? What is one thing that never fails to inspire you?

I’ve been involved with church since I was 17. Religion & Spirituality are a normal genre and inspiration for me. In my field of work, I am with families where there is a lot of brokenness. My heart is to help families grow stronger. I would say my faith and family is what inspires me most.

Do you prefer to write alone and in a quiet atmosphere? Or in public with a lot of background "white" noise?

My best writing times are when I’m alone and its quiet. I also like to have an organized place to write. Clutter distracts me.

What inspired you to write your book, "Prayers for Your Adult Children"?

What inspired me to write this book was a very strong prompting in my spirit to ‘share the hope’ I’ve received with others. We had some challenges with our kids over the years and I would get very worried and anxious when they didn’t live the lifestyle, I thought they should. What the Lord taught me was that I couldn’t change them, only He could. Change had to start in me. I had to learn to trust God with my fears and worries and accept them right where they are at. As I studied God’s word and promises I began to change my attitude and responses. I was then able to build better relationships with my children. I went from feeling helpless and hopeless to hopeful. My goal is to encourage others and have their hope restored like mine was so they can build strong family relationships.

What is the most positive review you've ever received? What about the most negative? How did you handle both?

My most positive review happened recently. We are using this book as a 9-week bible study at my church. One of the class attendees came in with so much hurt and brokenness. By the end of that first class she came up to us and said she felt a great weight off her shoulders and now had hope. We’ve gotten similar responses after the classes we taught,and it always brings me great joy to see how God is working in their lives to restore hope. I received a negative comment from Kirkus Review about my sample prayers (prayer suggestions I wrote for those who don’t know how to pray) being too similar, which made me feel bad, but they had a great ending comment of “A functional, if not groundbreaking, Christian devotional.” That comment really offset the negative comment for me.

How important do you think book covers are? Who usually designs your book covers?

I feel book covers are what will draw someone to even take a glance at your book. I love the book cover that Westbow Press designed for me. It perfectly displays our prayers being lifted to heaven.

What is one quote or book or movie that has really changed the way you think or live your life?

The most important book to me is the bible. I read it every day and each day I get a fresh word or inspiration.

What challenges did you face to write a thirty-day devotional for parents to improve relationship with their adult children?

One of the biggest challenges was making time to write. I work full time and would come home tired and have the normal things to do like make dinner, clean, etc. I would find myself procrastinating. What I had to do was literally set my timer for 30 minutes in the evenings and make myself sit at my computer to work on it. Once I quieted my thoughts the words would flow, or I might work on some of my research. There were times I would doubt if I should continue. Would anyone ever read it? But the Lord prompted me to continue. I would read something in the bible or hear something on the Christian radio that encouraged me to continue to do what He asked me to do. Little by little I was finally able to get it done.

Which genre of book do you think should be most adapted for kids in school? Is today’s generation more aware of the literary art or less?

I think kids enjoy action and science fiction books like Harry Potter or Hunger Games. I think kid’s computer games have taken away from the time kids would have spent on reading.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

I have written a Leaders Guide for people who want to use the book as a bible study. My husband and I are just starting to talk about a second book that would be a great follow up for those who read Prayers for Your Adult Children.

How has been your experience working with AllAuthor?

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with my experience with All Author. I love the mock-ups that I can share, and their timeliness are great reminders for me to take action. There are tools on your website I look forward to exploring. I spent money on other marketing ideas but feel what you offered has been the best value and experience I’ve received yet. Thank You so much!!

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