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Lisa Washington is the founder of Washington Way Publishing and is also a travel agent and certified wedding planner.
When You Least Expect it is her first novel is the 2018 African-American Literary Award Show Recipient for the Best Christian Fiction Novel.
Lisa is originally from Detroit, MI, where she attended Wayne State University and received a degree in communications. After serving 4-years in the United States Navy. She is also a graduate of Averett University (VA) and Butler University (IN). She currently resides with her family in Indiana where she is working on her next novel.

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$4.99 kindleeBook,
Karleigh: A Story of Faith (My Sister's Keeper Book 1)by Lisa WashingtonPublish: Jun 16, 2020Series: My Sister's KeeperContemporary Romance Romance Christian Fiction African American Interest
Mommy Time
(1) $1.09 kindleeBook,
Mommy Timeby Lisa WashingtonPublish: Apr 05, 2018Christian Fiction
When You Least Expect It
$6.04 kindleeBook,
When You Least Expect Itby Lisa WashingtonPublish: Apr 03, 2018Christian Fiction
More Than You Know
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
More Than You Knowby Lisa WashingtonPublish: Sep 18, 2018Christian Fiction African American Interest
Love Lifted Me
Love Lifted Meby Lisa WashingtonPublish: Jun 11, 2019Romance Christian Fiction African American Interest

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  • My Sister's Keeper

    Karleigh: A Story of Faith (My Sister's Keeper Book 1) - Published on Jun, 2020

Lisa Washington interview On 21, Feb 2019

"Lisa Washington was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She was introduced to cheer-leading at 5-years old
and kept that going until college and beyond. Her work life began in retail, working at various retail stores. She then joined the military. She is a Christian woman and everything she does is to glorify God. Her motto in life is to Dream. In her free time, she enjoys reading, crafts, traveling and learning new things. She currently sits at 9 unfinished stories waiting to be released."
Were you raised in Detroit, MI? What was your childhood like? What was your ambition as a child?

I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I was introduced to cheerleading at 5-years old and kept that going until college and beyond. I remember wanting to be a teacher as a young girl. I realize now that I wanted to do something that helps people and youth.

You have mentioned that, by profession, you are a are Mother, Wife, Author, Educator, Event planner, Wedding Planner, and Travel consultant. Can you rate these in the order of your favorites? Which of these fields did you start your work life with?

My work life began in retail, working at various retail stores. I then joined the military. After Navy Life, I tried different jobs trying to figure out what I wanted and ended up with a degree in public relations. Public relations incorporated 2 things I loved to do, writing and events. I thoroughly enjoy planning and executing events. I couldn’t find a job in public relations, so I stayed in government positions that paid the bills. When my health became an issue with the stress of the work I was doing, I started to rediscover my passions in life. The things that really make me happy. I was blessed to find a position in higher education. The position I have allows me to be able to work my other businesses in weddings and travel. I was also able to complete my first novel after 12 years. Being an author, helping brides, travelling, are all equally important.

What was it like serving in the United States Navy? Do you have any memorable instances from this time?

I enjoyed my years in service. I met some great people and visited some great places. I lived in Italy for 2 years and enjoyed every minute of it. I have some great memories, but way too many to tell and many I can’t share.

How have your other professions influenced you as an author? Which of them have had the greatest influence and how?

Every experiences I have had, every place I have worked or lived, and every person I have ever met has had some influence on me being an author. I think the constant moving around and learning new things and areas of life has been my greatest influence.

Can you tell us more about Christian fiction and why this genre intrigues you?

I am a Christian woman and everything I do is to glorify God. Even in my writing, I couldn’t leave God out. He gave me this gift. I want to use my writing to share how people incorporate God into their everyday lives. Especially when life throws curve balls.

Were you rooting for Evolution or David when you were writing this book? How did you come up with the names of the characters in this book?

I wasn’t rooting for either them. I didn’t even know who Karyn would end up with until I began writing that section. I was truly clueless. The names for my characters are often off the top of my head. Sometimes I can envision the character and then think, She looks like a Karyn or a Monica.

What is the importance of setting in a novel? Where is When You Least Expect It set and why did you decide on that setting?

When You Least Expect It is set in Detroit. I had to pay honor to my hometown. I think setting also gives some perspective to the background of the characters.

Have you ever been stuck in a love triangle like Karyn is? How similar is this character to you?

I have never been a love triangle. Karyn and I are only similar in her physical description. She is not a super-model, and often overlooked because of her lack of material items.

When does your next book More Than You Know come out? What is it about? Are you done writing it?

More Than You Know released September 18 th . It is the continuation of When You Least Expect It. It is the story of Monica and Ric and how they deal with their faith during the most trying times in their marriage. It also revisits some unfinished business with Neiko.

What is your motto in life?

My motto in life is to Dream. No dream is too big for God

What are some of your interests? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy reading, crafts, traveling and learning new things. I am a jeopardy junkie.

What subjects did you study in university? Why did you choose these subjects?

I studied public relations and journalism in undergrad. I study business in grad school and then went back to school for a degree in creative writing. I also began studying organizational leadership.

How do you deal with criticism?

Constructive criticism is welcome, Criticism that is given to be hurtful is ignored.

What book ideas are you currently working on?

I have so many ideas. I thank God for my gift of writing, but I also give Him all the credit for the stories He continuously puts in my head. I currently sit at 9 unfinished stories waiting to be released.

How has your experience at AllAuthor been?

AllAuthor has been a great experience.

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