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Lizabeth spent years doing extensive research in preparation for writing her own stories by reading every romance book she could get her hands on. At least that's how she justifies her HUGE collection of romance books to Mr. Scott.

Liz grew up on a dairy farm in western North Carolina where she wrote her first story at the age of thirteen about her first love…horses. She married her high school sweetheart and they have 2 children and 2 simply adorable grands. With her children now settled and on their own Liz pulled her dreams of writing back out and that little spark that sizzled for years caught fire and is now roaring back to life.

Liz loves to read and write stories about quirky, endearing heroines and the strong, handsome heroes who love them to distraction. She promises you a few laughs along the way with some steamy and charming moments thrown in but always a happy ever after.

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Over Ruled (On the Wild Side Book 2)
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Over Ruled (On the Wild Side Book 2)by Lizabeth ScottPublish: Oct 18, 2019Series: On the Wild SideContemporary Romance
Sweet Royal Beginnings (A Royal Vow Novel Book 1)
Free kindleeBook,
Sweet Royal Beginnings (A Royal Vow Novel Book 1)by Lizabeth ScottPublish: Nov 08, 2014Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance Romance
Ticket to Desire (Love in Transit Book 3)
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Ticket to Desire (Love in Transit Book 3)by Lizabeth ScottPublish: Sep 06, 2019Series: Love in Transit
Ticket to Pleasure (Love in Transit Book 2)
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Ticket to Pleasure (Love in Transit Book 2)by Lizabeth ScottPublish: Jun 14, 2019Series: Love in Transit

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  • On the Wild Side

    Over Ruled (On the Wild Side Book 2) - Published on Oct, 2019
  • Love in Transit

    Ticket to Desire (Love in Transit Book 3) - Published on Sep, 2019 Ticket to Pleasure (Love in Transit Book 2) - Published on Jun, 2019

Lizabeth Scott interview On 05, Feb 2019

"Author Lizabeth Scott learned early that reading could take her anywhere she wanted. A school
assignment in fourth grade was the first time she remembers writing an actual story. According to her, the most challenging thing about writing a series is keeping people, places, and timelines straight. She writes because she breathes. She can’t imagine a day without writing something. She married her high school sweetheart and they have 2 children and 2 simply adorable grants The author believes that time management is crucial for being a successful writer. Make a schedule and stick to it. Write every day."
What are some of your best memories from growing up on a dairy farm in western North Carolina? What motivated you to write your first story about your first love - horses?

Humm, that’s a good question. I supposed the freedom of space and the innocence of the times.We lived on a 200-acre farm so to me, that was my playground. There was a fish pond and a creek and forests to explore. Even at a young age it wasn’t unusual for me to go outside in the morning to play and not return till dark. I suppose my favorite activity was searching for arrowheads. My dad and I often found them in the fields. I think I have a few dozen in my collection.

I learned early that reading could take me anywhere I wanted. The school book fair was always a special time because I could get new books, and most often they were about horses. A school assignment in fourth grade was the first time I remember writing an actual story. And yes, it was about horses.

What first got you into writing? Who are some of your favorite romance authors?

In my early teens I discovered contemporary romance books at our small-town public library. Emily Loring was the authors name. I read and re-read every book our library had of hers, which wasn’t very many. My need for more had me pulling out my notebook and trying to write my own. I found an endless supply in my mind. I loved writing, but in my world, being an author wasn’t even an option. I’d certainly never heard of anyone doing that. After college I married my high school sweetheart, and we had two incredible children. It wasn’t until our children were out on their own that I pulled my love for writing back out at the prompting of a friend I’d made on Facebook. She just happened to be one of my author crushes. Elizabeth Lennox. She encouraged me to try again. I independently published my first book in April 2014.

I have so many favorite authors, too many to name them all, but here are the ones I have waiting on my iPad to read: Elizabeth Lennox, Jeannette Winters, Sawyer Bennett, Meghan March, Virna DePaul, Vi Keeland, Cora Seton, Vivian Arend, J.S. Scott, Marquita Valentine, Melody Anne, Chelle Bliss, Melissa Foster, Nana Malone, J.A. Huss, Vanessa Vale, Christina Tetreault, Jasinda Wilder… As you can see my TBR is lengthy.

What is it about the contemporary romance genre that resonates with you? While doing extensive research for your writings, what was the most unusual thing you learned about romance books?

Realistic characters that I would be friends with who face the same struggles as everyone else. I want my readers to feel a connection with the characters and the settings I take them on during the journey of finding that HEA.

What did you learn while writing the Billionaires of White Oaks Series? What is the most challenging thing about writing a series?

The most challenging thing about writing a series is keeping people, places, and timelines straight. I make notes as I write so I can cross reference as needed but I’ll be honest, I still get confused sometimes. I have remarkable editors and a BETA reader team that is phenomenal in keeping me straight.

I learned while writing this series that I don’t really enjoy writing in first person. As an author I wanted to test my writing fingers and try it. I also wanted this series to be a more “adult” series. I discovered that my lane isn’t on the wild side. I’m still trying to find out where I fit.

How did you manage to create a wonderful combination between the modern world and the chivalry of the old in "Sweet Destiny?" According to you, what makes a story an intriguing tale of love, romance, deceit, and reconciliation?

Oh gosh, thank you! I love that book. Did you know that whole story was a surprise to me? Ki and Mari are the couple in my very first book. Actually, the rest of that series was a surprise too! I had no idea after I wrote Sweet Surrender if I could write another one.

In Sweet Temptation, the fifth and at the time last book of that series, I wanted to give readers a treat by catching them up on each of the previous couples. When I started writing Mari’s and Ki’s brief summation, it kept getting longer and longer. Then it turned into two books, The King’s Sweet Revenge and The Queen’s Sweet Return. As a reader I just hate cliffhangers so after much debate and a bunch of people telling me I should release the two books separately, I listened to my heart and combined them into one book and I titled it Sweet Destiny.

And back to your original question, writing about a royal family I think lends itself to a certain historic flavor. Moving the historic aspect into the modern world made me think of how those might have evolved over the centuries. But basically, I just wrote what I saw in my mind. My characters always drive the story.

Do you write your characters based on your experiences or the experiences of the people around you? How do you relate to Jane Smith in "Sweet Royal Beginnings?"

Ahhh, good one. Sweet Royal Beginnings was actually a back up book. LOL. What I mean is after publishing Sweet Surrender I was shocked readers weren’t rushing to download! I was so naive and clueless. I was finishing up Sweet Denial, the second book of the series and working on the third book, Sweet Seduction. Yes, I discovered I could multi-task. I decided I needed something I could offer for free to give readers a taste of my writing and hopefully an interest into reading the rest of the series. So I stopped the other books and wrote Sweet Royal Beginnings, the story about Ki’s parents.

When I begin a book, I have a general idea of what I would like the book to be like. But first I have to “meet” the characters. As I begin writing they take on their own personalities, quirks, and problems. From there I throw things at them and they just react. So as strange as it may sound, they tell me about themselves.

Do you write simply because you're good at it or because you truly derive a lot of joy from it? Do you think someone could be happy writing for a living if he or she don't really have a passion for it even if he or she were a good writer?

I write because I breathe. Whether I’m good at it or not is subjective. When my career changed to writing fulltime in 2016 I felt like I’d finally found what I was supposed to be doing. I can’t imagine a day without writing something.

If writing isn’t your passion then no, I don’t believe you’d be happy because then it would be a job. I’m going to tell you the truth. Being a writer is hard and stressful work. Deadlines, editing, word count, promotions, promotions, promotions can become difficult to navigate. Working alone is even a hard thing to do. I’m so thankful that I can wake up in the morning and walk into my home office and start my day. But that also has it down side. I miss talking to people and interacting on a daily basis. My FB friends have become my besties.

Who is your favorite couple among all the series you have written so far? What do you enjoy more - writing stories about quirky, endearing heroines or writing about the strong, handsome heroes who love them to distraction?

My favorite couple has to be my first, Mari and Ki. And I don’t think I could write about quirky heroines without a strong alpha thrown in the mix, one just goes with the other.

How has been your journey being married to your high school sweetheart? Do you take inspiration from your relationship with your husband for your stories/characters?

I get asked this all the time by friends who know about my writing. I don’t understand why they don’t understand I write “fiction.” My husband just smiles and ignores the teasing by our friends and family. But my husband has never read one of my books so he really has no idea what’s in them. Let’s not tell him…okay?

What are some of your hobbies? What motivated you to pull your dreams of writing back out?

I love to make simple jewelry. I even create Tea Charms that were mentioned in Mastermind. In fact, the whole tea tag slippage is a personal problem I’m always had. You’d have to read the book to understand. I gifted some as giveaways during release week. But I also crochet and knit. Well, I love to pick out a pattern, buy the luscious yarn, start the project, and then stick everything in a bag and place it on the shelf with my other “projects.”

Elizabeth Lennox is the reason I started writing again. From a casual Facebook post to telling her how much I admired her writing grew a friendship. She suggested I try writing a paragraph.

Have your children ever inspired any of your characters? How many more books do you wish to write in the Billionaires of White Oaks Series?

The Billionaires of White Oaks Series is complete with the January 18 th release of Hothead: The Impatient Doctor. However, there is a slide over couple from this series into my next series, Love in Transit. The first book of this new series will be out April 5 th , Ticket to Forever. Which is available for preorder

I love to write children’s characters. But no, not my own.

What are some habits that are crucial to developing if you want to become a successful writer?

Time management, make a schedule and stick to it. Write every day. It doesn’t have to be for long but I’ve found if I skip a day for administration or family things it takes a while to get my pace back. And when you get stuck…just write something until you get unstuck. Then go back and fix it.

What are some things you wish someone had told you when you were still new to the writing world?

When writing, do you tend to give more importance to dialogue or descriptions? I started this writing journey not knowing a single thing. I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it. All I knew was that these stories kept flowing from my fingers. All the other stuff, covers, editors, social media, advertising, promoting, etc. was foreign to me. I struggled and researched, and asked questions and found incredible giving experienced authors along the way that took the time to give me a of their knowledge. I make plenty of mistakes and miscalculations but always in the end it circles back to writing what I love. To me, dialogue and descriptions are both super important in telling a story that readers can connect to.

What is your biggest regret as a writer? What would you change if you could go back in time?

I regret that I didn’t have the confidence to try writing as a career years ago. But honestly, it probably wasn’t my time yet. I think the Universe put Elizabeth Lennox in my path to nudge me toward the next fork in my road.

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