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Kamisha Oliver was born in the Bronx, New York, without a care in the world until a serial killer roamed her streets taking the life of her best friend. For thirty plus years Kamisha lived in a fog of rage, fear, and anger. Productive in the arts; on one end: Kamisha created beautiful music, artwork and profound poetry. While on the other, ruining her life's canvas with the darkness of bad decisions, violent rants and mistakes that curated her life's journey. Finally escaping the woods of her past: Kamisha refocused her energy, time and efforts toward what was discovered as her purpose. And via the passion of artistry began feeding the youth knowledge by building programs and curriculums to keep them on the right path. Kamisha now uses the tools that have created a better version of self to help others find their better versions. The book:"The Religion In You: Truth vs Tradition" Has become a blueprint of sorts, in the effort of helping others find their truth. The many works to come, by way of Kamisha will be powerful, thought provoking masterpieces that will all be grounded within: healing, and informing via entertainment.

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The Religion In You: Truth vs Traditionby Kamisha A. OliverPublish: Jun 15, 2020Religion & Spirituality

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