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Marilyn Brokaw Hall grew up in Appalachia. She graduated from Rio Grande University, Ohio. Novels: The Ring Master's Secret, a tale of witchcraft and deception, Mothman's Vengeance and Lights Above Cass.

Marilyn Brokaw Hall Books

$3.33kindleeBook, Paperback,
The Ring Master's Secret: A tale of witchcraft and deceptionby Marilyn Brokaw HallPublish: Jan 02, 2011Fantasy Teen & Young Adult
$3.99kindleeBook, Signed Paperback,
Mothman's Vengeanceby Marilyn Brokaw HallPublish: Aug 21, 2018Fantasy Teen & Young Adult
Lights Above Cassby Marilyn Brokaw HallPublish: Jan 06, 2020Science Fiction

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