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Mark Anthony Waters
Mark Anthony Waters
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Before moving to Rockport, Texas, writing became my new career and hadn't regretted a single minute. I love to write! I'm asked all the time what genre do I like to use. Answer? I'm all over the place. I don't plan on having a "series" of anything at the moment, I just want the original piece to stand on its own without a follow-up. So far I have at least four other projects in the works and two published novels. My first, and still unpublished, "Port Summerville" is due out next summer and I can't wait! Just released and one that I am especially excited about is "Suicide by Death." It is hard to put into words how you would take a serious topic like this and approach it with humor and wit but maintained a level of respect to those impacted by such a tragedy. Next on the list is "Right Heart, Wrong Love." It is a love story of sorts and should be out in the next few months. "Three Days in Heaven" has been on the market for nearly two years and is doing great.

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Suicide By Death

Publish Date: Mar 18, 2018

Genre: Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Women's Fiction

avg rating4.5 - 25 reviews on Amazon

Mark Anthony Waters's Books

Suicide By Death

Suicide By Death


Publication Date: Mar 18, 2018

Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Women's Fiction

4.5 (25 ratings)

Three Days In Heaven

Three Days In Heaven


4.3 (33 ratings)

Port Summerville


Publication Date: Apr 21, 2018

4.8 (6 ratings)

Mark Anthony Waters Interview

  • On 16, 05 2019

    Mark Anthony Waters interview

    Mark Anthony Waters loves to write. He played Little League Baseball as the catcher. He owned and operated a substance abuse outpatient program for adolescents in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He wrote a short story in the 7th grade titled “Destination Venus.” Three Days in Heaven was the easiest book he has written. He lives on the South Texas Gulf Coast, so he... read full interview

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