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Michael Bowe is a graduate of Georgetown University and a recipient of a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He is an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur, investor, writer, novelist, and poet, and a resident of Vashon Island, WA, a short ferry ride from Seattle. His first novel, Skyscraper of a Man, was heralded as "a stunning and inimitable debut with Silver Screen potential" by the San Francisco Book Review. His second novel, The Weight of a Moment, was called "a beautifully written and inspiring story that is filled with realism and pathos" by Readers' Favorite. In closing their review, RF added, "[The novel] is emotionally rich, psychologically exciting and inspiring." Both Mr. Bowe's novels have been well-received by both literary critics and the reading public alike.

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The Weight of a Momentby Michael BowePublish: Sep 23, 2019Literary Fiction

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    The Weight of a Moment


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