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With a degree in theology and a love for all things geek, Maureen writes intriguing novels with a hint of the supernatural.
She lives in North Central Florida with her two dogs, Cooper and Yue. There she spends her free time sewing cosplay outfits and removing dog hair from the costumes.

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Murder Conby Maureen Catherine OrkwisPublish: Dec 13, 2019Series: A Vadam Nore Murder MysteryCrime Fiction Thrillers Mysteries
Mass Murder (Vadam Nore Murder Mystery)
Mass Murder (Vadam Nore Murder Mystery)by Maureen Catherine OrkwisSeries: A Vadam Nore Murder MysteryCrime Fiction Thrillers Mysteries

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  • A Vadam Nore Murder Mystery

    Murder Con - Published on Dec, 2019 Mass Murder (Vadam Nore Murder Mystery) - Published on Nov, -0001

Maureen Catherine Orkwis interview On 01, May 2020

"Maureen Catherine Orkwis was born in Flushing New York. She was and is a huge Star Wars fan. She has a Masters's degree in Theology. She has always been fascinated by religion. Maureen writes intriguing novels with a hint of the supernatural. She came up with the concept of Murder Con while at a big Star Wars convention in Orlando."
Where were you born? Since how long have you been living in North Central Florida with her two dogs?

Born in Flushing New York. I moved to St. Petersburg Florida when I was six. Then, as an adult looking for affordable housing, I moved to Dunnellon, Florida. I’ve lived here for about thirty years.

What was your childhood like? Which is your fondest memory?

I had a wonderful childhood. My maternal grandmother, my nana, lived with us in St. Pete until she passed away when I was twelve. She used to take me to the low view every week. I remember seeing some weird skateboarding movie with her that neither of us liked. My favorite movie I saw with her was Disney’s Robin Hood.

I was and am a huge Star Wars fan. My room was decorated with everything Star Wars I could find—if only I had saved half the stuff!

What inspires you to write intriguing novels with a hint of the supernatural?

I have a Masters degree in Theology. I’ve always been fascinated by religion. Adding small bits of different beliefs and lore into my books adds something different to it and let’s me use my education in an unusual way.

What do you feel is the one characteristic that a book has to have to keep you glued to it?

Good dialogue is key to keeping a reader interested. I love Joss Whedon‘s use of dialogue in his productions. I find inspiration in the Wayne uses dialects and certain isms to create unique characters.

What is it about the mystery genre that caught your eye?

I actually came up with the concept of Murder Con while at a big Star Wars convention in Orlando. There were people packed everywhere. Then, I entered into an area where there were no people at all. It felt scary. I thought, “this would be the Perot place to. Under someone,” and from there the book just wrote itself.

Who all are a part of your family? Do they give you any story ideas or plots to work on?

I have a very close family. I have a younger sister, who has two girls. My nieces are the focus of our family and are the loves of my life. my parents, grandmother and my sister’s family, along with a lovely neighbor who we have adopted, spend most holidays together.

My mom is my biggest fan. She thinks everything I do is wonderful. My nieces are actively involved in my writing. For Murder Con, I sent them each chapter and they critiqued it for me. I relied on their opinions because they are avid readers. I am not that big of a reader, though once I get started on a book, I usually finish it in a day. Which may be why I don’t do it often.

Given a chance which character would you like to bring to life, Bethany or Meredith? Why?

I think Meredith had a lot of life to live. Bethany was the leader of the two of them so I’d like to see Meredith grow into her own person. If I had my choice, I’d like to see Vadam come to life. He has a lot of stories in him, which is why I wrote Mass Murder. There is also a third book in the Vadam Nore Murder Mystery Series in the works.

What does reading, writing, and literature, in general, mean to you?

They are a way to escape the stresses of the world, a way to let your mind wander into fantasy.

How important do you think a book cover is in relation to book sales? Who designs your book covers?

I think everyone judges books by their covers. The right cover can bring the book to a reader’s attention. I designed the first cover for Murder Con. I had an image in my head and brought it to life with the help of photoshop. When Source Point Press contracted me and reprinted Murder Con, Josh Werner developed the cover with ideas from David Hayes, my editor. Brenna Holloway is working on the cover to my latest book, The Mystery of Tiger Trail. I gave her a basic concept and she is developing an incredible picture.

What are some habits that are crucial to developing if you want to become a successful writer?

You have to write every day. It is like exercise.

What inspired you to write the book, "Mass Murder (Vadam Nore Murder Mystery)"?

Mass Murder is the sequel to Murder Con. Vadam has lots of stories to tell. I get to use my experiences in theology to add to the background of murders at churches. The title came first.

What was your favorite part, and your least favorite part, of the publishing journey?

Editing is arduous. I hate when it is suggested that a scene be cut. I always think of the movie Amadeus, when Mozart is told that his symphony has “too many notes.” He responds that it has neither too many or too little. It’s hard for me to humbly accept editor’s advice.

What is one of the biggest mistakes you made as a new author and how did you fix it?

Rereading the book several times to make sure you do not have errors. By the time I’m ready to publish, I’m tired of reading the work but I have to reread, edit, and rewrite as needed.

Which is the next book you are writing? When do you plan to publish it?

My next book is The Mystery of Tiger Trail. It is a ghost story based on a tale from Dunnellon. It should be published within the next few months. Summer 2020.

When did you first come across the AllAuthor website and what were your expectations coming in?

I came across AllAuthor via Facebook. I thought it was a great idea. What are your thoughts now? I’m happy and proud to be part of AllAuthor. The resources are outstanding.

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