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Amazon bestselling author Susanne Matthews was born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. A retired educator, Susanne spends her time writing and creating adventures for her readers. She loves the ins and outs of romance, and the complex journey it takes to get from the first word to the last period of a novel. As she writes, her characters take on a life of their own, and she shares their fears and agonies on the road to self-discovery and love.When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, or traveling to interesting places she can use as settings in her future books or as interesting entries for her blog, Living the Dream.

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$0.99 kindleeBook,
Dear Santa: A Christmas Wishby Mimi BarbourPublish: Nov 03, 2020Contemporary Romance
$0.99 kindleeBook,
The Blue Dragonby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Sep 15, 2020Contemporary Romance
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Invincible Diversity (Invincible Women's Fiction Book 4)by Mona RiskPublish: Oct 06, 2020Romance
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Fortune's Favor: The Treasureby Joan ReevesPublish: Jul 24, 2020Romance
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Passionate Protectors: How Love and Danger Combust (Protect and Desire Book 3)by Patricia RosemoorPublish: Jul 22, 2020Romantic Suspense Romance
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Sweet and Sassy Summertime – Volume 2by Alyssa BaileyPublish: Aug 12, 2020Series: Sweet and SassyContemporary Romance
Summer Shorts (The Shorts Series Book 2)
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Summer Shorts (The Shorts Series Book 2)by Mimi BarbourPublish: Jun 19, 2020Romance
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Twist of Fate: The Golden Legacyby Susanne MatthewsPublish: May 16, 2020Series: The Golden LegacyHistorical Romance
$0.99 kindleeBook,
His Christmas Family
$3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
His Christmas Familyby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Nov 25, 2019Contemporary Romance
$0.99 kindleeBook,
All That Glitters: Glitz, Glam, and Billionairesby Michele HaufPublish: Jan 21, 2020Contemporary Romance
Unforgettable Temptations: Attraction and Surrender (The Unforgettables Book 15)
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Unforgettable Temptations: Attraction and Surrender (The Unforgettables Book 15)by Mimi BarbourPublish: Dec 30, 2019Series: The UnforgettablesSuspense Romantic Suspense
Unforgettable Surrender: Desire and Deception (The Unforgettables Book 17)
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Unforgettable Surrender: Desire and Deception (The Unforgettables Book 17)by Mimi BarbourPublish: Jun 12, 2020Romantic Suspense
The Tigress: The Punishers: Book One
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Tigress: The Punishers: Book Oneby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Oct 30, 2019Series: The PunishersSupernatural Suspense Fantasy
No Good Deed: Vengeance Is Mine Series, Book Four
Free kindleeBook,
No Good Deed: Vengeance Is Mine Series, Book Fourby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Jul 04, 2019Crime Fiction Suspense
Forever and Always
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Forever and Alwaysby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Jun 07, 2019Contemporary Romance
Just for the Weekend
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Just for the Weekendby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Jun 18, 2019Contemporary Romance
The White Iris: The Harvester Files Book Three
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The White Iris: The Harvester Files Book Threeby Susanne MatthewsPublish: May 06, 2019Series: The Harvester FilesCrime Fiction Thrillers
The White Carnation: The Harvester Files, Book One (The Harvester Files  1)
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The White Carnation: The Harvester Files, Book One (The Harvester Files 1)by Susanne MatthewsPublish: Mar 13, 2019Series: The Harvester FilesThrillers
The White Lily: The Harvester Files, Book Two
$4.92 kindleeBook,
The White Lily: The Harvester Files, Book Twoby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Apr 03, 2019Series: The Harvester Files Book 2Thrillers
Come Home For Christmas
$3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Come Home For Christmasby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Dec 09, 2015Contemporary Romance
Murder & Mistletoe
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Murder & Mistletoeby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Nov 21, 2018Romantic Suspense
The Perfect Choice
Free kindleeBook,
The Perfect Choiceby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Nov 01, 2014Contemporary Romance Romance
Holiday Magic
$0.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Holiday Magicby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Sep 26, 2014Contemporary Romance Romance
Fire Angel (Vengeance Is Mine Book 2)
$5.29 kindleeBook,
Fire Angel (Vengeance Is Mine Book 2)by Susanne MatthewsPublish: Jun 06, 2018Series: Vengeance Is MineThrillers Suspense
In Plain Sight (Vengeance Is Mine Book 3)
$4.96 kindleeBook,
In Plain Sight (Vengeance Is Mine Book 3)by Susanne MatthewsPublish: Jun 28, 2018Series: Vengeance Is MineThrillers
Same Time Next Year
$4.98 kindleeBook,
Same Time Next Yearby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Aug 01, 2018Romance Women's Fiction
Secrets and Lies (Hearts Of Braden Book 4)
$3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Secrets and Lies (Hearts Of Braden Book 4)by Susanne MatthewsPublish: Nov 16, 2015Series: Hearts Of BradenRomantic Suspense
Desert Deception
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Desert Deceptionby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Nov 17, 2016Romantic Suspense
On His Watch (Vengeance Is Mine Book 1)
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
On His Watch (Vengeance Is Mine Book 1)by Susanne MatthewsPublish: May 15, 2018Series: Vengeance Is MineThrillers Suspense
The Captain's Promise
$3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Captain's Promiseby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Jun 02, 2014Historical Romance
The Price of Honor (Canadiana Series Book 1)
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Price of Honor (Canadiana Series Book 1)by Susanne MatthewsPublish: Mar 27, 2018Historical Romance
All for Love
$3.63 kindle Free with KUeBook,
All for Loveby Susanne MatthewsPublish: May 26, 2015Suspense Romantic Suspense
Wedding Bell Blues
$3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Wedding Bell Bluesby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Jan 15, 2018Paranormal Romance
Prove It!
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Prove It!by Susanne MatthewsPublish: Dec 23, 2016Teen & Young Adult
Echoes of the Past
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Echoes of the Pastby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Sep 03, 2015Romantic Suspense Paranormal Romance
Hello Again
Free kindleeBook,
Hello Againby Susanne MatthewsPublish: May 09, 2016Romantic Suspense Paranormal Romance
Sworn to Protect
$3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Sworn to Protectby Susanne MatthewsPublish: Jun 10, 2017Romantic Suspense

Susanne Matthews's Series in Order

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  • Sweet and Sassy

    Sweet and Sassy Summertime – Volume 2 - Published on Aug, 2020
  • The Golden Legacy

    Twist of Fate: The Golden Legacy - Published on May, 2020
  • The Unforgettables

    Unforgettable Temptations: Attraction and Surrender (The Unforgettables Book 15) - Published on Dec, 2019
  • The Punishers

    The Tigress: The Punishers: Book One - Published on Oct, 2019
  • The Harvester Files

    The White Iris: The Harvester Files Book Three - Published on May, 2019 The White Carnation: The Harvester Files, Book One (The Harvester Files  1) - Published on Mar, 2019
  • The Harvester Files Book 2

    The White Lily: The Harvester Files, Book Two - Published on Apr, 2019
  • Vengeance Is Mine

    In Plain Sight (Vengeance Is Mine Book 3) - Published on Jun, 2018 Fire Angel (Vengeance Is Mine Book 2) - Published on Jun, 2018 On His Watch (Vengeance Is Mine Book 1) - Published on May, 2018
  • Hearts Of Braden

    Secrets and Lies (Hearts Of Braden Book 4) - Published on Nov, 2015

Susanne Matthews interview On 17, Nov 2017

"Susanne Matthews is a retired educator and a vivid storyteller. Her stories are usually served as an assortment of romance, history, suspense, excitement and paranormality with a pinch of eroticism. For her, a happy ending is kind of a must, where the characters are eventually united after all the hardships. Susanne has explored many genres of writing, but she prefers a paranormal or sci-fi because it gives the imagination a touch of the greater extent of freedom. As a reader, we often find her stories and the protagonists quite plausible, that is because most of them are inspired by her real-life incidents and her friends and family. Apart from reading and writing, she loves traveling with her husband. Though Susanne and her husband don't tend to do the traditional vacations, they have traveled a lot across North America. The fondest memories so far, for her travelogue would be from Iceland and the Blue Lagoon. Although she is not very adventurous, she likes tasting new cuisines."
What do you love most about your hometown Cornwall, Ontario, Canada? Do you still live there or have you since moved?

I still live in my hometown, but I did live in Ottawa when I went to university and for another seven years after that. Moving back home meant I was closer to my parents and my sister. Cornwall is a small city, but a good place to raise children, with lots of local sports’ teams to join. It’s only an hour away from Ottawa or Montreal and less than five minutes from New York State. While two of my sons have moved away, my daughter still lives here. What do I love most about being here? The fact that I can spend lots of time with my grandchildren.

When did you first start your blog? Do you remember your first blog post and what it was about?

In February 2013, I announced I’d sold my first novel, Fire Angel.

Name some of the most interesting places you've been to. When visiting a new place, what is the first thing you do?

My husband and I don’t tend to do the traditional vacations. I’ve been fortunate enough to drive across Canada, from coast to coast, visiting a piece of all ten provinces. While I’ve never been any farther south than Virginia, I have visited Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Norfolk, and crossed the massive bridge and tunnel across Chesapeake Bay. I’ve been to baseball games in both Detroit Stadium as well as Comerica Park, and in the old ball stadium in Baltimore. I’ve taken an Alaskan cruise and been awed by the majesty of the glaciers. While there, I went on a float plane. Last year, I was on a Norwegian coastal cruise. There’s no way to describe the beauty of the buildings and churches a thousand years older than anything on this continent. Probably the strangest place I’ve been is Iceland and the Blue Lagoon. One minute, you think you’re on the moon and the next you see this indescribable pool of blue-green water ... You have to see it to believe it. When I visit a new place, the first thing I do is check out what the area’s claim to fame is and then try to see as much of it as I can. I like to order the most popular dish, too. I’m not too adventurous, so I won’t be eating anything really strange, but it’s fun to taste new things.

What got you into writing romance? Between a historical novel and a paranormal one, which one takes longer to write and why?

I’ve always been a voracious reader, but I prefer books with good, solid plots and happy endings. I don’t enjoy erotica unless it’s critical to the story, so my books have very little sex in them. Similarly, I’m cautious and critical of the horror novels I read. When I decided to try my hand at being an author, it seemed a given that I write what I liked to read. Many of the books I’ve written are suspense novels because those are the ones I prefer. In fact, regardless of the overriding theme of my books, every one of them has some suspense in it. My NaNo novel for 2017 is a sci-fi, so there’s lots of room for suspense there, too. I don’t think one genre takes less or more time than another. I write as the story comes to me and research as I need to. I verify all my sources and what I use in the novels. You have to be more accurate in historical novels, while you can give your imagination a touch more freedom in a paranormal or sci-fi book, but I still try to keep those believable.

How important is a book name vs the cover? Why did you choose to name your books in The Harvester series after carnations, lilies and irises as opposed to any other flower?

With a virtually unknown writer like myself, I think covers are maybe a touch more important than titles since they’re the first thing a potential reader sees, and if the cover doesn’t strike a note with them, they won’t even notice the title or the blurb. Well-known authors don’t have to worry about that as much since it’s their name and reputation that sell their books. I didn’t choose the titles for the individual books in that series by myself. Originally, the books had more sinister and/or biblical titles, but the publisher wasn’t keen on them. Considering the books were more suspense thriller than romance, she wanted something that might strike a chord with both sets of fans. She suggested The White Carnation because of the role the flower played in that book. From there, keeping to the theme she liked, I re-examined books two and three which were still in their infancy, and edited them to include flower references that could be used for the covers. I decided on The White Lily for book two because of the main character’s name. For book three, I chose The White Iris because it’s a flower associated with death in some parts of the world and changed the name of a minor character to go with it. I’ve been asked if I’ll write any more white flower books. I’m toying with the idea of The White Rose bringing another background character to the forefront. While I wrapped up the initial Harvester case in book three, I’ve left it open-ended enough for a copycat.

What inspired The Harvester Saga Book series? Which book in this series do you find most pride in? Are there any scenes or characters you wish you could change when you look back?

The Harvester Saga books were inspired by a number of different things. To begin with, I wanted to write a book using my best friends as the basis for my main characters, Rob and Faye. Then the storyline came to me from a number of different sources, most specifically news items at the time, involving cults, missing children, date rape drugs, and girls leaving their homes to go and join a Middle East terror organization. I was astounded at the number of people who belonged to cults and at the number of those groups who seemed convinced that everything democracy stands for was wrong. Originally, I had intended to only write the first book, but as the story grew in my mind, I realized I had so much more to say. Just like a proud parent, I find it hard to select one child or one book over another. If I could go back, the changes I would make would be to book three. Because of word count issues, I felt I didn’t get to develop the ending as well as I would’ve liked. It wasn’t exactly rushed, but it could’ve used more fleshing out.

How did you come about the idea for "Sworn to Protect"?

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and undo something or have it go away? I have a friend who suffered a traumatic brain injury and lived to tell about it. For a while, he had significant memory loss. Today, he has most of his memories back. Sixteen years ago, I was involved in an accident where our car was hit from behind. I remember the accident vividly, but not the following four days. I’ve seen pictures of me taken on New Year’s Eve and don’t remember being there, so the idea of losing time and memories fascinates me. Traumatic events tend to scar us. Losing a child is one of those things, love lost I think is another. Sworn to Protect isn’t my only novel about amnesia. On His Watch has a similar theme in that both main characters lose their memories and a child, but those are really the only points in common. I also liked the idea of reuniting two people who’d suffered a loss and had coped with it so differently. I do know people who’ve lost children and have had their relationships destroyed because of it. It seemed pulling all these threads together would make a good story.

Why did you choose to make Nancy Frost a forensic accountant? How do you usually decide what careers to give your characters?

I made Nancy frost an accountant because I named her after my friend, Nancy, who does taxes each spring. As well, my husband is an accountant. Many of my characters have traditional occupations such as teacher, but every now and then, I like to step out of the box. In Echoes of the Past, Michelle is a forensic coroner. In Hello Again, Charley is an auto mechanic-teacher. In Fire Angel, Alexis is a fire investigator. I usually pick careers based on a gut feeling when I start the books. Since I was a teacher, I know more about that, so the career does come up again, but I’ve had singers, artists, and ballerinas, too.

What did you rely on for your information and research for the book "No Good Deed"? Who is the character Nicoli Zabat based on?

Montreal is one of Canada’s largest cities and every now and then, issues with the mob come to the forefront. Since Cornwall is so close to Montreal and we have a native reserve that straddles the border of Ontario, Quebec, and New York State, it’s not unusual to hear about mobs and gun smuggling etc. My main sources were articles from various newspapers concerning the Rizutto crime family. While the Montreal mob is said to be a mere shadow of what it was, two of its high-profile leaders are still in the news since they will be going to trial by the fall of 2018 for crimes associated with their mob affiliations. As well, Montreal’s former mayor was recently found guilty of corruption and taking bribes. Adding all that together gave me the basic facts I needed for the story.

In your free time, what kind of books do you enjoy reading?

As I’ve said before, I like books with happy endings. I’ve chosen to fill my Kindle with books from new authors such as myself. There are some incredibly talented people out there.

Have you ever had a really great ideas for a book that didn't work out in the end? If so, could you tell us about it?

So far that hasn’t been a problem. Since I’m a pantser, I write as the ideas come to me not from a plot graph or prior planning, I can change the story as I write it. I do have a few unfinished books on my desktop, but not because they didn’t work out. I simply haven’t found the time to get back to them. I hope to do so soon.

As an author, what are some difficulties you face on the daily that most other people wouldn't?

There are a lot of things that affect me now that weren’t a problem before. The first one is probably sleep deprivation. Sometimes the characters and ideas in my head refuse to settle and I have a hard time sleeping. Another thing that bothers me are interruptions while I’m writing. They throw me off, and I may have to go ack several pages to get my train of thought. Probably the biggest difficulty I face involves promotion. I’m not good at blowing my own horn, so having to do so and figure out creative ways to do it is hard for me.

Do you think an author could ever retire? If so, when do you plan on retiring?

I retired to become an author, so I suppose eventually I will have to retire from that, too, but as long as I’m physically able to do it, I hope to continue. I still have ideas brewing in my head.

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