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Michael was born and raised in California; then went to High School in small town in SW West Kansas called Garden City. Graduated from SF State College in Photography.He currently lives in Fayetteville , GA writing screenplays, books and manages Hollywood South Accommodations for the local film industry. You can view his current works in production at http://www.vividimagesproductions.com

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The Ancestor: A Journey In Time Reveals A Family Mystery
The Ancestor: A Journey In Time Reveals A Family Mysteryby Michael MeyerHistorical Mysteries Historical Romance Time Travel Romance Historical Fiction Fantasy

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      • Michael Meyer Michael Meyer 11 months ago
      • Story, story, story. Maybe a beginning , middle and end would help to start. In life we try to avoid conflict. but your characters need conflict, tension, escalation, then change. They each need to have a separate voice and POV. A character seeks what he or she wants but ends up getting what they really need. Don't get bogged down in the middle, keep moving forward and have a hook at the end of each scene or chapter so the reader wants to know what happens next.
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      • Michael Meyer Michael Meyer 11 months ago
      • My mind is always imagining scenes when I hear inspiring music and I'm very visual. As a photographer I was not going to be satisfied until I fulfilled my life's dream of putting the two together and produce a film. But I needed the story in writing instead of just ideas in my head. So I decided to write a screenplay based on the scenes in my head and discovered how characters magically appeared and I fell in love with them and that I could weave a good story. With the help of a good script consultant I was inspired to keep writing. This has been since 2005.
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