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U.S. Army Veteran Mindy Dougherty has a warrior spirit that will capture your attention. The resiliency and strengths she embodies while overcoming childhood abuse, PTSD, & more medical adversities than one can imagine will inspire you. Navigating a lifetime of trauma could leave a person bitter & hateful, but Mindy takes a completely different approach. She uses comedy, gratitude & gardening to influence, healing for herself and others. Mindy's garden, Known as feed my city, promotes healing, growth, and health for those who may be fighting their own battle for survival. Mindy Dougherty is the a epitome of a resilient warrior, a fact that his showcase through this narrative of her life.

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A Resilient Warriorby Mindy DoughertyPublish: Jul 05, 2020Biographies & Memoirs

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      • Mindy Dougherty Mindy Dougherty 13 days ago
      • I have been writing short stories my whole life as well as poetry. I find it frees my mind from the daily chaos that can surround us at times. The book is about my whole life and I am currently 43 turning 44 this December. Though I have had many strikes against me, I have used it to embrace the mistakes made along the way and use them to grow even stronger everyday.
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