Men rush to California and Australia as if the true gold were to be found in that direction; but that is to go to the very opposite extreme to where it lies. They go prospecting farther and farther away from the true lead, and are most unfortunate when they think themselves most successful. Henry David Thoreau

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MK Dwyer
MK Dwyer
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Accounting is my day job. Writing is my dream job. Canadian by birth. Texan by circumstance (but happy to be here). I live in the Houston area with my husband and three kids. I have my husband to thank for most of my writing ideas. Our time in San Diego during his Marine Corps days inspired my series titled Melrose Lane about a group of guys fresh out of the military. I am also working on a novel titled Twenty to Life: A Love Story inspired by my friend Brenda. A couple of other works-in-progress in the Greek Mythology and Rock Star genres are up my sleeve for a later date. I am an avid reader, and I love everything creative, from graphic design to crocheting.

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Marine Firefighter (Melrose Lane Book 1)

Publish Date: Aug 27, 2018

Genre: Romantic Suspense

avg rating 54 reviews on Amazon

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Marine Firefighter (Melrose Lane Book 1)

Marine Firefighter (Melrose Lane Book 1)


Publication Date: Aug 27, 2018

Romantic Suspense

5 (4 ratings)

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