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Margaret Lindsay Holton

Margaret Lindsay Holton

Read. Write. And Create. Sums it up, pretty much.
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Novels include 'The Gilded Beaver, 2nd Edition' and the ever popular historical fiction, 'TRILLIUM', now available as a 14.5 hrs AUDIOBOOK. Latest effort is a short story collection, 'STICKS and STONES: Ten Canadian Short Stories' by MLHolton, now available as ebook. Paperback coming Janiary, 2022. ... :)

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STICKS and STONESby Margaret Lindsay HoltonPublish: Oct 16, 2021
The Gilded Beaver
(2) $7.45 kindleeBook,
The Gilded Beaverby Margaret Lindsay HoltonPublish: Jun 07, 2020Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance Romance Historical Fiction Women's Fiction Literary Fiction Biographies & Memoirs History General Nonfiction Business more»
(1) $9.99 kindleeBook,
Trilliumby Margaret Lindsay HoltonPublish: Jan 03, 2019Historical Romance Romantic Suspense Historical Fiction Women's Fiction Literary Fiction Humor more»

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