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Erica is a former active duty Marine, Belly Dancer, and Roller Derby Fresh Meat with a penchant for curling, glass blowing, painting mediocre watercolors, and quality time with her daughters.

A self proclaimed die hard romantic, Erica writes the stories she wants to see in the world.

The course of true love never does run smooth, but happy endings are ALWAYS guaranteed.

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Matters of the Heart (Across Every Universe Book 1)

Publish Date: Jul 15, 2019

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Erotic Romance

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Matters of the Heart (Across Every Universe Book 1)


Publication Date: Jul 15, 2019

Contemporary Romance, Romance, Erotic Romance

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      • msduran77 2 monthsAuthor
      • I have, so far, only received one review, and it was exciting and several kinds of wonderful. I personally knew the person who left it, but not I live in fear of my first non-friend/acquaintance/family member review. This story is something I worked hard on, and I put so much of my own self into that it will be hard to not take a bad/not so good review personal. This story was written with so much love that I want everyone to love it as much as I do.
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      • msduran77 3 monthsAuthor
      • To have Benedict Cumberbatch narrate my first book just so I could hear him say "Someone wants a smacked bottom." And also, to go back to Edinburgh, because that place is just absolutely lovely.
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