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Elizabeth Horton-Newton has been called the Seductress of Suspense because she draws readers into her stories, builds the suspense, and just when the solution seems to be obvious, she pulls the rabbit out of the hat and reveals a dark truth. Her lifelong interest in the Kennedy assassination conspiracy resulted in her first novel, "View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale". With the release of her second book, "Riddle", she once again tackles a social issue; the illegal adoption of First Nations babies separated from their families. Small town prejudices against people of color and "outsiders" results in a unique friendship between two young people. Weaving a romantic thriller around the issues, she creates rich characters in all her writing, drawing the reader into their lives. With her education in Criminal Psychology, Sociology, and Media Communications she offers a unique insight into how criminals think and how society responds to their crimes. Volunteering in local Domestic Violence groups in her hometown, she likes to confront social problems in her stories. A member of the Tennessee Author's Guild, Elizabeth currently lives in a 100-year old haunted house with her husband, writer Neil Douglas Newton, and her dog, Scout (named for a character in "To Kill a Mockingbird"). Not limited to a single genre, she has written erotic romance, "Carved Wooden Heart" (with the mysterious Starla Hartless), and the suspenseful "Stolen Gypsy", as well as novelettes through Electric Eclectic Books. She is currently working on a new novel, "Blood on Murder Highway", loosely based on the murders and disappearances of indigenous women in the Pacific Northwest. There is also a crime noir novella in the works and an anthology of short stories and poems she's written over the years. When she isn't writing she is usually traveling or taking photographs and often both simultaneously

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$3.59 kindleeBook,
Riddleby Elizabeth Horton-NewtonPublish: Jun 18, 2015Crime Fiction Thrillers Suspense Romantic Suspense
Dark at the Top of the Stairs: An Electric Eclectic Book
$1 kindleeBook,
Dark at the Top of the Stairs: An Electric Eclectic Bookby Elizabeth Horton-NewtonPublish: Jan 02, 2018
Chattanooga Choo Choo: An Electric Eclectic Book
$1 kindleeBook,
Chattanooga Choo Choo: An Electric Eclectic Bookby Elizabeth Horton-NewtonPublish: Aug 08, 2018Crime Fiction Thrillers Mysteries Romantic Suspense
Driven: An Electric Eclectic Book
$1 kindleeBook,
Driven: An Electric Eclectic Bookby Elizabeth Horton-NewtonPublish: May 24, 2018Thrillers Suspense Horror

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